Howard Crashes Through the Ivy Covered Walls of Academia Essay

Robert E - Howard Crashes Through the Ivy Covered Walls of Academia Essay introduction. Howard continues to make inroads into academia with the upcoming presentations slated for the PCA in San Antonio later this month and the soon-to-be published collection of essays on Howard by Justin Everett and Dierdre Pettipiece.

In that same vein, The University of Connecticut publishes the Contemporary French and Francophone Studies, which is the Academic Journal on everything pertaining to French culture and its literary landscape, and the current issue is a Fantasy Special.

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Howard Crashes Through the Ivy Covered Walls of Academia
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For this new issue, TGR guest blogger Patrice Louinet has written “Robert E. Howard, Founding Father of Modern Fantasy for the First Time Again,” an essay on Howard in general and the French REH publishing world, something Patrice is an expert at since he translates the bulk of Howard books from English into French for publication.

Overall, the essay is about Howard’s increasing reputation as an author equal in importance to Tolkien. Per Patrice, you won’t learn anything new (save for a few things about the French REH history and present situation), but he does push the swords of Howardia through the Academic Gates.

Like anything else in academia, the essay comes at a hefty premium – $34.00 to download the article. But if you know anyone who works at a library or educational institute, there are ways of getting it at no charge.

So gird your loins boys and girls, ‘cause we are storming the hallowed, highbrow halls of higher learning!

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