Howard Days & TGR, More Fun Than Guns & Liquor Essay

Well, it is only one week until Howard Days and the debut of REH: Two-Gun Raconteur #11.  Everyone is getting packed and all revved up for three days of fun in Cross Plains and the surrounding area - Howard Days & TGR, More Fun Than Guns & Liquor Essay introduction.  Speaking of the surrounding area, while Cross Plains is in a dry county, one can drive to the next county (about twenty minutes) to stock up on Shiner Bock (The Official Beer of Howard Days) and other adult spirits.  Of course such beverages are discreetly consumed late at night at the Howard Pavilion adjacent to the Howard House and everyone remains on their best behavior.   If you can make it, head on out, if not, we’ll hoist a few in your honor!

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Howard Days & TGR, More Fun Than Guns & Liquor
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