Hrd of Ucbl

United Commercial Bank Ltd. (UCBL) Company Profile: United Commercial Bank Ltd. (UCBL) is one of the first generation private sector banks in Bangladesh, commenced its commercial operations from mid 1983 and has since been able to establish one of the largest networks of 110 branches in six different districts. United Commercial Bank Ltd. (UCBL) is a Bangladesh based financial institution that provides banking services. The services include personal and business banking, loans, credit cards, online banking and money transfer services. The bank operates in Bangladesh, where it is headquartered in Dhaka.

With its firm commitment to the economic development of the country, the Bank has already made a distinct mark in the area of Private Sector Banking through personalized service, innovative practices, dynamic approach and efficient Management. * Corporate Information at a Glance Registered Name | United Commercial Bank Limited | Registered Head Office | CWS(A)-1,Gulshan Avenue, Dhaka-1212, Bangladesh | Chairman | Mr. Akhtaruzzaman Chowdhury, MP| Vice Chairman| Mr. Showkat Aziz Russell| Managing Director | Mr. M. Shahjahan Bhuiyan | Number of Branches | 125|

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Mission: The Bank, aiming to play a leading role in the economic activities of the country, is firmly engaged in the development of trade, commerce and industry thorough a creative credit policy. Vision: To be the bank of first choice through maximizing value for our clients, shareholders and employees and contributing to the national economy with social commitments. Human Resource Dept. of UCBL: The HR Department of United Commercial Bank Ltd. consists of 15 HR Professionals. The department is structured by 1 Divisional/Department Head, 3 Sub-Department Head, 3 Line Managers and 7 HR Employees.

There are three sub-departments. Each department is related to each other. They conduct frequent task. To any decision or to conduct any specific tasks like Recruiting, the sub-departments communicate between them. They share information and other resources. Sub-Departments and their tasks: HR Operations:| HR Development:| Research/Learning & Development:| 1. Recruitment| 1. Job Description| 1. Need Assessment| 2. Compensation Management| 2. Manpower Planning| 2. Training| | 3. Promotion| | | 4. Employee Service (Separation, Welfare)| | For conducting different tasks, HR employees are divided into small teams and the evaluated materials, paper works and results are cross-checked before final submission or decision making. For example, before recruiting, Manpower team finds out the vacancies. Then they sit with the recruitment team and acknowledge them about this. Then recruitment team starts their recruiting process. * The HR Dept. of UCBL uses a software for accomplishing different HR activities and data management purpose, this software is called – “ERP” Recruiting & Selection (R&S): The HR Dept. f DBBL is responsible for recruiting three types of employees: * Regular Employees * Contractual Employees * Auxiliary Staff Recruiting and Selecting Regular Employees: * The regular employee list consists of – Junior Officer, Officer, Senior Officer, Executive officer, Senior Executive officer, Assistant Vice President, First Assistant Vice President, Vice President, First Vice President, Second Vice President, Executive Vice President, Senior Executive Vice President, Deputy Managing Director, Assistant Managing Director and Managing Director. * The regular employees can be a fresher or experienced person.

The R&S process for fresher is a little different than the R&S process of experienced person. The experienced persons do not sit for any kind of written test. * Internal Recruiting Process: * For Internal Recruiting, UCBL publish a circular on their web portal named “UCB I”. Only internal employees can visit this web portal. They can apply for posts from that portal. They can submit their application in that portal too. * In case of re-hiring UCBL consider hiring their ex-employees if they are doing well in their new workforce. UCBL searches for ex-employees who left their organization and joined in their competitor organization.

If the ex-employees do well in the competitor organization UCBL provide them a better offering and re-hire them. * There is another kind of re-hiring that is if any employee leave the organization for any valid reason and he wants to re-join again, UCBL consider re-hire them. * External Recruiting Process: * UCBL conduct their external recruiting process on their own. They never take any service from the Third Party Agencies. * The external recruiting process consists of the following steps- * UCBL never recruit any candidate from abroad. 1. Application: First of all, the bank provides circular for fresh employees with specific requisites.

The applicant (both the fresher and experienced) has to apply online by filling up the application form and has to upload the recent picture and images of certificates. 2. CV Screening: After getting the recruits, the HR Professionals assigned to R&S process reject applicants by following screening process – * If the applicant provided the Grad Certificate (in case, a candidate applies before finishing his/her graduation) * If the applicant posted his/her pictures duly * If the applicant’s certificate name matches the application name (in case, a candidate provides certificates those belong to another person) . Written Test: The written test for choosing the potential candidates are conducted by UCBL. They manage this process on their own. The Written Test is conducted only for the fresher. 4. Interview: After the written test, the bank publishes the result and calls potential candidates for interview. The interview committee consists of HR Head, MD and four DMDs (Deputy Man. Director). During the interview, three of these four DMDs have to be present. 5. Medical: After Interview the bank publishes the result and calls selected candidates to attend a medical test to ensure their health condition. . Appointment: After the medical test, the selected candidates are mailed / called to join the company. Job Circulation Online Application Rejected Candidates CV Screening Rejected Candidates (If Passed) Written Test (Fresher) Rejected Candidates (If Passed) Interview Rejected Candidates (If Passed) Medical Test Appointment * Recruiting and Selection of Contractual Employees: The Contractual Employee list consists of Managing Director, Assistant Relationship Officer, Customer Service Executive and JRO. * Managing Director: MD is selected by Bangladesh Bank. Assistant Relationship Officer (ARO): The Applicant must be / have – * Masters Graduate * Needs 2 years or more experience * Minimum 37 years of age or more * Can be permanent employee * The ARO is selected by the management. * Customer Service Executive: The CSE of the bank is selected by the management. The CSE can be a permanent employee. * JRO: Selected by the management but works based on the contract time period (impermanent). * R&S of Auxiliary Staff: The recruiting and selection of Auxiliary Staff is done by two 3rd party company called Group 4 and T-Boy Messenger.

The bank hires its service and is provided with workers according to their needs. The Auxiliary Staff includes – drivers, messengers and cleaners. Orientation, Probation & Training: * After the appointment, the fresher are oriented in the bank and guided by a specific employee within the department for observing and learning. They have to attend in a three days orientation program. The fresher have to attend “Foundation Training” for learning practical and software works. * While working, if they face any problem, they reach out to immediate line manager/branch manager/divisional head for help.

The fresher have to face 2 year “Probation Period” before being appointed as permanent workers. * Training Facilities of DBBL: * Initial Training: 1 month foundation training at L & D. * Short Term Training: 3-4 days of training arranged by Bangladesh Bank; Overseas Training by different banking organizations. * Long Term Training: Outpitch Training (ICC Bangladesh, BIBM, BAB, IFC etc), Core Team Training (Software Launch Team), Special Training in abroad (software training, new technology in banking sector, new banking system etc) * Training in abroad is mandatory for the employees of IT and Credit Department. Different renowned organization like VISA offer various kinds of training programs for UCBL in abroad (Malaysia, China etc) * Training Locations: * The training for fresher is held at the training wing of UCBL. Other training facilities are held at different locations depending on the organizers’ (Bangladesh Bank) * Abroad training generally held at Malaysia, China, Japan, Australia etc. Compensation Management: The compensation management is one of the toughest jobs of the HR Dept. The HR Professionals of UCBL do not follow any salary structure. The salary structure in UCBL is broad banding.

In a broadband pay structure, the numbers of salary grades are consolidated into fewer, but broader, pay ranges. In broad banding, the spread of the pay ranges is wider and there is less overlap with other pay ranges. The salary is fixed by negotiation. Here, they consider employees qualification, performance and position to determine the salary. The designation of the employee does not determine the salary slab. For example, an executive officer is offered 30000tk salary for month but at the same time another Executive Officer can be offered 40000tk salary because of his higher performance ability.

This is how UCBL determine the salary. The HR Dept. of DBBL does not conduct salary survey. The salary-scale for top level employees is also made through negotiation. Here, experience and previous performance is considered to determine salary-scale. UCBL conduct Salary Survey on its own. They do not hire any third party agencies. They conduct this survey through relationship with other banks. * Basic Incentives: There are a lot of basic incentives that the employees enjoy at different level of the company. They are also called fringe benefits.

Most common incentives are – 1. Performance Bonus (6 times of Basic) 2. Festival Bonus (twice a year) 3. Leave 4. Leave Fair Assistance (once a year) 5. Rent 6. Medical 7. Gratuity 8. Provident Fund 9. Utility Bill * Special Incentives: Some special incentives are provided only to the upper level employees starting from FAVP to the top-most level. They are – 1. Car Loan (From FAVP) 2. House Loan (From AVP) Job Analysis: * Job Analysis contains job description which is a list of responsibilities associated with the job and job specification, a list of requisite skills. UCBL gather all information of the employee by help of a software called ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) * The HR Dept. of UCBL always conducts job analysis. They collect information from different sources. The information collected is: work activities of a job, human behavior, human requirements, job context, tools and equipment requirement and performance standards. * The sources of collecting the information are – Key Performance Indicator (KPI), The Annual Credential Report (ACR) and Bank Manager/Divisional Head. Bank Manger/Divisional head provides information regarding work activities of a job. A monthly report is provided by the department each month to keep track of how employees are doing. The ACR provides information about human behavior, job context, performance standards and tools/equipment requirement. On the other hand, KPI provides information about employee’s performance. It helps to find out whether they reach their standards. * The Annual Credential Report (ACR) has 50 criterions and contains all kind of information regarding an employee’s job and his personal information. The performance standards associated with each job are set by the management, in some case by divisional head or ACR and are monitored by the respective HR Professionals. This task is performed very seriously as it determines the success rate, effectiveness and efficiency of each employee. * The manager handles job rotation and transfer tasks. Each employee can work at a position for maximum 5 years and in case of transfer, maximum 3 years. Performance Appraisal: The Performance appraisal shows how much of the assigned targets each employee has successfully managed to achieve and what, where and why he/she failed to achieve.

The Performance appraisal is a serious job and often requires systematic monitoring in order to get accurate result at the time of employee evaluation. The HR Dept. of UCBL conducts performance appraisal at the end of each year. The HR Dept. evaluates the individual performance of each employee. The performance of each employee is measured according to the standards set by the management/divisional head or in cases according to the KPI. In evaluating the performance, the HR Dept. follows an Evaluation Form. This Evaluation Form consists of many question related to employees performance and other attributes.

The employees are divided into three parts, Good, Very Good and Outstanding on the basis of their performance. Legal Compliance/Employee Relation: Strengthening the employer-employee relationship is the primary goal of all financial institution. The signs of a strong employer-employee relationship are enhanced employee engagement, low turnover, and high employee morale and job satisfaction. In the last few years UCBL have been putting a great deal of emphasis on building strong employee relation and strong compliance.

UCBL has running a Disciplinary Cell Operation Program that handles the legal environment situation and employee relation in the company. HR Dept. of UCBL play the main role of employee relation inside the bank. * Equal Employment Opportunity: Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) is making sure that everyone has equal access to available employment by: * ensuring that workplaces are free from discrimination and harassment, and * Providing programs to assist people to overcome disadvantage. A number of people have been impacted in the past or continue to be disadvantaged or discriminated against in employment.

These people include: * women * members of racial, ethnic, and ethno-religious minority groups * people with a disability * Young people fewer than 25. UCBL always try to maintain EEO. But in some respect UCBL has some limitations. Such as, UCBL discourages women employees to take bank job. This is because women employees are disinterested to work outside of their home districts. * Employee Unions: UCBL has an employee union. But it is not that effective as employees are treated well. The representatives of employee unions are selected in seniority basis.

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