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Hrm Practices in Bangladesh

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HRM Practices in Bangladesh Banking Industry is the potential industry where the growth of a country depends a lot. In Bangladesh banking industry is also very influential. This industry is very big in Bangladesh and holds a lot of skilled employees. So Human Resource Management (HRM) is very much applicable as well as practiced in the banks of Bangladesh. HSBC is known as the world’s local bank. It also has reached to the Bangladeshi market not only to boost up the banking system of onshore but also offshore banking.

To compete the global challenge HSBC has developed a skilled and efficient workforce.

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Hrm Practices in Bangladesh
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This large employee force is managed totally by the HR department of HSBC. This HR department meets all the requirements of the employees from salary to rewards, hiring to firing employees and other important developing trainings. In this report the Overall work of the human resource department will be focused and described. To know the details of the company we interviewed some HR personnel or HSBC and other information were collected and gathered with the help of the internet.

HSBC is the organization where actually the HR activities are applied with a huge effort, and the outcome is also very satisfying.

INTRODUCTION With the increase in the size and complexity of business organization, man has become the most important factor in business. Business needs people as owners, employees, and consumers. Organizations need people to make them operated. An organization is nothing without human resource. Of all the resources, the most important one is human resource, because human beings play a dual role- as resource, as well as a motive force for all other resources by manipulating them, by the way of developing, utilizing, commanding and controlling.

So human resource management (HRM) functions include recruitment, selection, training and development, performance appraisal, compensation and industrial relation in an organization. Our report is focused on the HR activities thatHSBC practices to develop its organization. After the survey and gathering all the information, it is found that HSBC practices all the basic functions of HRM and this bank also practices other HR strategies like Strategic testing, HPWS, HRIS etc. this report provides the details about the organizations’ : Planning and Recruitment •Selection and testing •Benefits and rewards •Training and Development METHODOLOGY Primary Data •Most of the absolute data has been collected from the internet. •Industrial data and HR data has been gathered from the HR personnel of HSBC Secondary Data •Other information such as industry analysis, company profile was unruffled from the internet. SCOPE •This report is about the HR functions of HSBC. So it is a great opportunity to know about the organizations in detail. •By focusing on the HR activities, we understood the pplication of HR theories in practice aspects. •Chance of knowing the reality of HR practices in Bangladesh. HRM Practices in Bangladesh organization runs in a stable way in terms of the HR activities of the employees. Bangladesh is a potential industrial country. It has a huge human power. Unskilled labor is the main opportunity to develop a industry in this country. When this is skilled a huge profit an economic development can be achieved easily. HRM is the track by which the country’s organizational ctivities can be developed. In the year 2008 Bangladesh banking industry was ranked in 59 by the World Bank. And the industry analysis says: •87. 6 scored in world banking industry •42% growth in deposit and interest skimming •Worth more $ 92. 5 billion •GDP growth rate is 6. 56 •Remittance in FY2008 is US$ 7,940 million •Industry growth rate 6. 9% in FY2008 HRM Practices in Bangladesh we all hope that every organization of Bangladesh will soon start to practice all the HR activities for their long term growth

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