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Human Resource Management Practices in Bangladesh

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    ASSIGNMENT ON Profile: HSBC Bangladesh Submitted By: Sultana Id:05-038 Batch-15th(BBAth-16th) Department of MIS University of Dhaka Farhana Submitted to: Md. Rakibul Haque Assistant Proffessor Department of MIS University of Dhaka TRAP-1 Human Resource Management: Human Resource Management is the management of human being to convert them into human resource. It is a field of management involves planning, organizing, directing, and controlling the functions of procuring, developing, maintaining and motivating a labor force. Figure 1: Functions of HRM.

    Human resource management study includes human resource planning, job analysis, Managing Careers, Human Resource Information System, Recruitment, Selection, Performance Appraisal, Socialization, training and development on different organization. It helps to maintain the department’s contribution at a level appropriate with the organization’s needs. HRM practices in Bangladesh: HR managers had an inferior position in company hierarchy. They occupy a back seat in the company hierarchy. Their main functions is to maintain discipline and promote welfare of the employees.

    Now a days, many organizations have a personnel manager or HR manager. In large organization, it is HR director whose main functions are recruitment, discipline, industrial relations, etc. Personality test result: According to personality test from “human metrics jung typology test” my type is ISFJ which leads to career such as nursing, teaching, secretarial work, medical practice (especially general practice), librarian work, and middle management administrative jobs. I choose middle management administrative jobs as my career. According to my career, my assignment is on Human Resource management practices in HSBC, Bangladesh.

    HSBC-The Organization: HSBC is one of the world’s largest banking and financial services organization with around 6,900 offices in both established and faster-growing markets, it aimed to be where the growth is, connecting customers to opportunities, enabling businesses to thrive and economies to prosper and, ultimately, helping people to fulfill their hopes and realize their ambitions. It serves around 60 million customers through our four global businesses: Retail Banking and Wealth Management, Commercial Banking, Global Banking and Markets, and Global Private Banking.

    Their network covers 84 countries and territories in Europe, the Asia-Pacific region, the Middle East, Africa, North America and Latin America. Their aim is to be acknowledged as the world’s leading international bank. HSBC is named after its founding member, The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited, which was established in 1865 to finance the growing trade between Europe, India and China. About HSBC, Bangladesh: In Bangladesh, the HSBC Group’s history dates back to 1996 when The Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC) Ltd opened its first branch.

    Today, the HSBC Group offers a comprehensive range of financial services in Bangladesh including commercial banking, consumer banking, payments and cash management, trade services, treasury, and custody and clearing. General Background ? ? ? Opened first Bangladesh branch in December 1996 Network of 13 offices, 38 ATMs, 9 Customer Service Centres, an offshore banking unit, and offices in 7 EPZs. 1051 employees as of December 2010 Key business areas: Retail Banking and Wealth Management Commercial Banking Corporate and Institutional Banking Global Markets Shariah Compliant Banking NRB Services HSBC Amanah

    Job Analysis on HSBC: For further human resouurce management process and outcomes Job analysis provides information about jobs currently being done and the knowledge, skills; abilities that individuals need to perform the jobs adequately. According to HSBC HRM practices the purpose of job analysis are as follows which is used in recruitment, selection and evaluation: Job Descriptions Job Specifications Job Evaluations Rccording to HSBC job invitation for- Job title: Telecommunication Officer – IT The jobholder is responsible for ? ? ? nsuring smooth telecommunication support for the bank’s internal and external communication Providing technical advisory services to relevant stakeholder. Report to: Telecom Support Manager – IT Job Description Requirements: ? ? ? ? ? Graduate in computer science/telecommunication or any other relevant field from a reputed university Comprehensive knowledge in computer networking Strong communication and interpersonal skills Excellent time and stress management skills High computer literacy with focus on advanced Microsoft Office applications Job Specification

    Your application must reach HSBC by 03 July 2011. Job Evaluation: Job evaluation another point is done by the company after the recruitmnt and selection of employee and it is a part of compensation administration. Human Resource Planning of HSBC: HRP is the process by which management determines the organization’s desired position of right number and the right kinds of people, at the right places, at the right time through planning. The Human Resource Planning process of HSBCbangladesh follows three step as- Identification Development Outcomes Identification: ?

    Identify key positions/structures based on organizations future need as: o o Branch Manager Customer Service Manager ? NRB Services ? Customer Services Officers ? Sales Associates Cash Manager ? Cash Tellers Power Vantage Manager ? PVA Officers Select Manager ? Select Officers o o o ? Identify skills and competencies required as: it is determined by HR division which is different for different position as Telecommunication Officer – IT for HSBC needs to require likeGraduate in computer science/telecommunication or any other relevant field from a reputed university.

    Comprehensive knowledge in computer networking Strong communication and interpersonal skills Excellent time and stress management skills High computer literacy with focus on advanced Microsoft Office applications Development: ? Identify development required: HSBC identifies the development required for the employees to efficiently attain the individual and group goal and help through the keeping development programmes as: Internal Training Programs External Courses Distance Learning Resident Management Trainee Program (RMT Program) Outcomes: ? candidates can obnserve that HSBC provides career development opportunities. Candidates can easily find out their growthrate with HSBC. ? HR manager find it easier to place right peaple at right place during human resource planning. Recruitment And selection process of HSBC: According to recruitment of employees HSBC believes that As the world’s local bank they never underestimate the importance of local knowledge. And that knowledge comes from the local people. HSBC also follows the recruitment process as: HSBC selection process: Intial Screening by Job invitation on online or papper cutting. Completion of application by potential candidate.

    Employment test taken by many form as: MCQ, written test, competive check etc. Comprehensive interview as VIVAVOICE. Background checking as recomandations. Phisical or madical checkup. Reje ct Parmanent Job offer. Training and Development: HSBC believes their primary competitive advantage comes from their employees. It is their ability to provide a superior customer experience to their customers, that sets us apart from other financial services companies. In the ever changing financial services industry, all of them must continuously upgrade our skills and knowledge in order to maintain this competitive advantage.

    HSBC’S goal is to attract, retain and motivate the very best, and to do that we support training, development, and business education through the following: Internal Training Programmes Seminars, workshops and locally tailor made training on a variety of topics are offered directly by HSBC Training and Development Department at our training centre located at Motijheel. External Courses Job related courses, seminars, workshops and conferences developed and presented at HSBC Offices in Asia and also at Group Training and Management Development Centre at Bricketwood, UK.

    Distance Learning Web-based and multimedia self-study programmes available through our Intranet and multimedia Learning Centres located in our HSBC offices. Resident Management Trainee Programmed (RMT programmer) The RMT programme ensures that successful applicants, with the right training, will have the ability and potential to reach the highest level of management within HSBC Bangladesh, and possibly beyond. Benefits and rewards: HSBC continually evaluates and reviews its employee benefits to ensure that benefits are competitive and in line with our employees needs.

    Employee benefits include: ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Market competitive remuneration package and annual cash bonuses. Health plan and routine medical allowance. Short and long-term disability coverage, as well as life insurance. Paid leave for marriage, maternity, sickness and vacation. Staff banking privileges, including special interest rates for car loans, sundry loans and home loans. An active Sports and Social Club. Development opportunities and career support. Retirement benefits. Part-2: Use of IT in HSBC: Intranet and multimedia Learning Centres located in our HSBC offices.

    HSBC network which ? Provide Internet Banking Services as Security Device, Pay Bills ,eStatement ,Internet Banking Demo,Online Security ,Registration Form,Service Request Form,Service Charges,Bill Payment FAQ. ? includes planning, employee information access, employees information database employer regulatory compliance, labor productivity, and benefit management ? create best practices and ideas of the employees are shared throughout the network ? Applicant tracking and resume management. ? Complete integration with payroll and other company financial software and accounting systems.

    HSBC network: HSBC start Employee Information Module HSBC NETWORK Time & benifit module Recruitment and applicant tracking module Budget module E-recruitment and E-selection by HSBC: E-recruitment and E-selection system of HSBC is maintained by- CVs or applications sent to this email address will not be considered for recruitment. Please Register yourself with us PERSONAL INFORMATION First Name Gender Father’s Name Marital Status Nationality Religion Home Phone Cell Phone * * * * Last Name Date of Birth Mother’s Name Blood Group National ID Passport No Office Phone Cell Phone 2 * * * *

    Present Address Permanent Address * Alternate Email Address * E-mail Address * SECURITY Password Retype PPassword * * E-training systems of HSBC: ? ? Web-based and multimedia self-study programs available HSBC-IMLC(Intranet and multimedia Learning Canters) Social networking of HSBC: International network: HSBC’s international network comprises around 6,900 offices in 84 countries and territories in Europe, the Asia-Pacific region, the Americas, the Middle East and Africa. Offices by Region Region Americas Asia-Pacific Europe Middle East & Africa

    Number of offices 3,380 997 2,167 362 Social networking site: HSBC is available on ? facebook ? twitter Proffessional networking and connectivity: Proffessional networking connectivity is working HSBC by using the biggest proffesional networking site- linked in. Part-3 Career Bio-graphy of a worker model: Mr Aditya Narayan Singh Deo is the head of Human Resource department of the Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC) Limited in Bangladesh. Here his career biograppy is shown below:

    Exploration: Mr Aditya Narayan Singh Deo ,from india, has completed his post graduate degree in Human Resources from the prestigious XLRI School of Business and Human Resources in India and joined Mindtree Consulting in India at 1999. Establishment: With a rich experience of over 10 years in Human Resources, he had previously worked with HSBC, Asian Paints and Mindtree Consulting in India. Mid-Career: Mr Sanjay Prakash, HSBC CEO in Bangladesh, said “The appointment of Mr Singh Deo as head of HR comes as a welcome move.

    His extensive knowledge and experience in human resources management will surely benefit the people strategy of HSBC in Bangladesh. ” Late career & Decline (Late Stage) : not applicable for Mr Aditya Narayan Singh Deo Comparative Analysis with me: The comparetive analysis with Mr Aditya Narayan Singh Deo and me is as follows: ? I m studing under BBA programme and can complete my pos graduate dgree major on Human resource management from a reputed Business school. ? After completion of my study I can join HR department of an Organization and can reach to my destination ?

    With having potential Qualities i can do better in future as working Internationally or Multinationally. Part-4 Recomendation: What to attain: HR head of an organization. How to attain: As i am now studing under BBA programme I am at my Exploration stage of career and i need to know ? ? ? ? ? ? trying out different fields discovering likes and dislikes forming attitudes toward work and social relationship patterns compleeting successfully the BBA programme with a good CGPA. Having a post garduate degree major on HRM. studying Other related feilds

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