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Hues of Nature


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Hues of Nature
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A few big rocks were between me and the path and struggling to walk past them, I noticed waves of light reflecting beautifully on the damp surface of one of the rocks - Hues of Nature Essay introduction. It was a beautiful afternoon. I looked up. The sun was starting to lose its intensity, staring lightly down into the field of green grass, each blade being warmed with the bright sunlight the whole day.

I started to walk along the beaten path. A short while after, a yellow and purple flower came into view, strikingly odd yet beautiful in its green background. A few bees were buzzing loudly around the unusual flower as if excited upon their discovery. I decided I was going to find something of my own too, before the sun decides to rest and give way to the darkness.

I started to look around me more closely and I noticed that a few cacti were growing their spikes. Interestingly enough, the cacti had hues of green and purple, similar to the flower I had encountered earlier, the treasure of the bees. I mused on the exquisiteness of the pattern that has emerged from the supposedly random arrangement of nature. I read once that we crave for something familiar in our chaotic world’ that we continuously rely on patterns because they are visually succulent and that our mind savors them. It’s a kind of a psychological comfort food.

As I pondered over my wandering thoughts, I catch a glimpse of a small rabbit playing and jumping around, oblivious to the anthill it almost toppled over in its fooling around. I realized that my short walk did bring me a treasure of my own. I glanced at the ground, slowly smiling as I saw the ants scrambling to go back to the anthill. I had absorbed the beauty of the patterns I encountered that day, and like the bees, I was greatly elated with my chance discovery.

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