Hugh Hefner - Marilyn Monroe Essay Example

The fifty’s and sixty’s changed America forever - Hugh Hefner introduction. The civil rights movement started, television and radio grew. The era of rock and roll started. Without this era in history we would not be as technologically advanced as we are today. The dream all began after being denied a raise in pay working at the “esquire”; One of the most recognizable brands arose from the fifty’s called “Playboy” this brand was created from a genius named Hugh M. Hefner. Hefner has influenced society for over the past 50 years.

He broke the boundaries of what could be produced in America in the fifties. His major contribution to the 20th century was his “men’s life style” magazine after the first issue with 50s pinup girl Marilyn Monroe sold fifty thousand copies. Every month after that sold over a phenomenal million copies a month. The “playboy” corporation grew at a fast rate. After the first decade of “playboy”, Hefner bought the “playboy” mansion and opened up the playboy club. In 1963 Hefner got arrested for obscene literature after a nude shot of Jayne Mansfield was released.


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The jury never reached a verdict so Hefner was released. By 1971 playboy went completely public and opened 23 clubs. The years to come Hugh would produce movies and move to Hollywood and get married several times and divorced. Hefner continued his fame showing in A&E specials and having a biography written on him. The magazine continues to be a big success. Hefner has continued to change the United States for the better and continues to be a successful man making his empire huge!

The “playboy” emblem is everywhere from necklaces to tee shirts. This empire that Hefner has created will never die and will carry on his life for years to come. Hefner had a huge impact on the fifty’s that still affects us today. I think he is a genius. He had a dream and he pursued it even when people didn’t believe in him and now everybody wants to be him or be like him he is worth so much in people’s hearts. He is a huge success and will be for many years I view him as a legend a historical figure who will not be forgotten.

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