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About the Hula Hoop Phenomenon

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INTRO OWI Our first Lady Michelle Obama does it. So does pop superstar Beyonce. Same goes for actress Zooey Deschanel, and even basketball icon Shaquille O’Neill. I’m talking about hooping, the modern evolution of the hula hoop. THESIS Today, I’m going to share some information about the hula hoop phenomenon. RTL Knowalil: Most of you might know a lil bit about hula hoops from playing with them as a child. This speech will help shed a new light on an old idea by providing you with new information about different uses for hula hoops.

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About the Hula Hoop Phenomenon
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Knowalot: Some of you may have used weighted hula hoops in exercise routines. You can learn some valuable new information about the variety of health benefits from hooping, based on what I’ll share with you today. ETHOS Personal: I began hooping a couple years ago when a friend of mine introduced me to weighted hoops. I was never any good at hula hooping as a child, but I found it was much easier to use the weighted hoop.

I made my own and began hooping casually out of boredom in my spare time, and quickly started noticing some improvement in my core strength.

Borrowed: In addition to my hooping experience, I have read a few articles, and browsed dozens of websites to discover new information about the history and health benefits of hooping. PREVIEW Today, we’ll discuss the history behind the hoop, different hooping practices used today, and I’ll even teach you how to make your very own hoop at home! MAIN POINT 1: HOOPS IN HISTORY Hoops have been used in a variety of ways for centuries. A. The ancient Greeks were the first to popularize the hoop and many of their documents—including illustrations on pottery—show the hoop in action.

Greek children would fashion circles from dried grape vines and swing them around their waists or roll them on the ground. Hooprolling was thought to be a light and beneficial exercise to lose weight and tone muscles. B. Native Amercans used hoops for more than just toys. Eskimos and North American Indians would use hoops as a target practice for teaching practical hunting skills. Children and adults would roll the hoop on the groundand throw poles or shoot arrows through it. Among the Lakota Indians, hoop dancing became a sophisticated art form that is still practiced today. Show Visual Aid 1.

my research, I found a book written in 1999 by Jacqueline Haldane called Left Hand Bull, all about Lakota hoop dancing. To the Lakota, the hoop represents the circle of life. In the hoop dance, the dancer may use up to 28 hoops to form symbols and figures. These hoops are usually made of natural materials like willow or vines, and wrapped with colorful binding so patterns can be used in the dance. KILL VISUAL AID C. Hoop-rolling, also known as “hoop bowling” was popular in England in the 1800s. Those hoops were made from wood fitted with metal strips or tires on the outer edge.

The hoop was propelled along the ground with the hand or with a stick called a skimmer. This same fad traveled to the United States, and antique hoops are now favorite toys of collectors. Now that you know more about the different uses for hoops in history, we’ll learn about some more modern hooping practices. MAIN POINT 2: TODAY’S HULA HOOP A: WHAM-O’s HULA HOOP The toy known as the Hula Hoop was born out of the brainstorm of two American toy inventors Arthur “Spud” Melin and Richard Knerr. The story, according to Wham-O.

com, last accessed March 14th, 2013, says they got the idea from seeing Australian children who twirled bamboo hoops around their waists in gym class. They created a plastic hoop in 1958 and trademarked it under the name “Hula-Hoop” inspired by the way that the hip movements used in playing with the toy resembled the Hawaiian Hula dance. Their playground-to-playground salesmanship produced the biggest toy fad the United States has ever witnessed. In just four months, over 25 million Hula Hoops were sold in the United States. B: MODERN USE FOR HULA HOOPS

The Hula Hoop phenomenon never completely died off, but it has fluctuated in popularity like most fads. Modern hooping has evolved into an artistic dance form. Unlike the classic toy hula hoops, modern hoopers use larger, heavier hoops. Some of the hoops are even lit on fire. There are hooping events held around the world, from competitive hoop spinning, to elaborate dance performances. C. HEALTH BENEFITS OF WEIGHTED HOOPS In more recent years, hoops have found their way back into the fitness world. According to an article I found on the Mayo Clinic website written by Dr Edward R.

Laskowski. , last accessed on March 20th, 2013: Hooping offers a workout that burns fat, tones your body, and improves your posture as well as your cardiovascular health. Many people start hooping for the fitness and weight loss benefits, but continue hooping because it is a playful alternative to spending time on a treadmill. 1. CORE Hooping strengthens and tones your glutes, thighs, hips, legs, knees and abdomen. You can also spin a hula hoop with your arms to tone your shoulders and forearms. Hooping can burn up to 600 calories an hour depending on the intensity of your workout. 2.

POSTURE Because hula hooping requires a significant range of motion for your spine, it increases your spine’s flexibility. Regular hooping can even improve your posture, and help you in the prevention of back injuries. We have just discussed some of the different uses for hula hoops today. Now, I’ll teach you how you can make your very own hula hoop at home! MAIN POINT 3: HOW TO MAKE A HULA HOOP Jason Strauss may very well be the Godfather of hooping these days. So it seemed fit that I share his instructions for making the perfect hula hoop. Jason has his own website called JasonUnbound.

com, last accessed on March 20th, where among other things, he shares his hooping expertise with the world. A. SUPPLIES NEEDED First, you should make sure you have the supplies necessary for the job. You’ll need poly tubing for the body of the hoop, which can be found at any hardware store. Most people use between ? -inch and 1-inch tubing. You’ll also need a PVC cutter, Insert-connectors, and a hairdryer to soften the tubes, or hot water works as well. Colorful tape isn’t a necessity for hula hoops, but it’s always more fun. KILL VISUALS B. STEPS TO TAKE

Once you have your supplies, it’s time to put your hoop together. First, you have to choose your hoop size, and cut. A good hoop should stand somewhere between your hips & shoulder height. For extra weight, you can pour in some water or sand. I like to add a few cups of water for more effective workout. Just keep in mind that if your hoop is too heavy, it can easily bruise your waist. Then, the tubing ends must be heated to make them pliable enough to fit the connector. A few minutes of focused hairdryer heat will do the trick, or you can soak the ends in hot water.

Once the ends become soft enough, grab a connector, and push the two tube ends together over the connector. I don’t think it’s needed, but I usually duct tape the seal just in case. Now comes the fun part: Decorating! I find that electrical tape works best. You could also duct tape the whole thing, or just leave it black. And finally, there you have it, your very own hula hoop. It makes for a great workout accessory and it can be made in just minutes. CONCLUSION SUMMARY Now, you know a little more about hula hoops.

We uncovered the history behind hooping, explored some modern-day uses for hoops, and you even learned how to make your own at home in just a few simple steps. CWI If the secret behind Beyonce’s curves lies in something as simple as a hoop, you have no reason not to get down to a hardware store today and begin your own hooping revolution. I hoop for fun more than anything, the exercise just comes as an added bonus. MEMORABLE LINE Ben Franklin once said “We do not stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing! ” So get out there and hoop your heart out today!

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