Human Resource Management and Development Essay

Above all would like to thank, Allah, most Gracious, most Merciful, for his Compassion and Mercy - Human Resource Management and Development Essay introduction. Wish to express my deep sense of gratitude and appreciation to DRP. Angina my instructor and research supervisor for his advice and guidance as well as his continuous reinforcement in connection with this research work. Sincere and special thanks should also go to Mr.. Adam Swamis Hajji the Agricultural Officer for his considerable assistance in statistical result analysis.

Plenty of thanks and words of acknowledgement should also go to my colleagues who helped me in one way or the other during the completion of this study. This endeavor would not have been feasible without the sacrifices, patience, understanding and encouragement of my dearest husband Mr.. Dad and my children namely Assam; Ward and Yuan’s. Finally, gratefully acknowledge the 2nd POP and the former Director Mr.. McKenna for providing me with financial support, which enabled me to complete this Master Degree. ABSTRACT Staff training and development has been identified by various scholars to be ere crucial to an organization.

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Human Resource Management and Development
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Organizations are therefore encouraged to train and develop their staff in order to enhance their performance. The Second Vice President’s Office is among the organizations which provide training and develop their staff to ensure that their staff has the requisite knowledge and skills, to meet the new challenges. While the organization is keeping on training their staff, it is necessary to assess the outcome of these trainings. This study was therefore conducted to determine the impact of training and development provided by 2nd POP on employee performance.

The study assessed the training and development process and see whether has improved staff performance. Data was collected using questionnaires to the selected employees and to the Director of Administration and Human Resource. The data was analyzed using Microsoft word 2003- integrated package on a personal computer and the SPAS software. The result indicated that the 2nd POP has a training program in place, but it is poorly planned, not systematic and not coordinated. However, all interviewed employees were aware of the existence of training and development program in this organization.

The low budget allocation was found to hamper the implementation Of training program. However, the training itself had a positive impact on the performance of the staff and the organization.

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