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Human Resource Management Quizlet

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Some of these related activities encompass the recruiting and hiring of new staff, orientation and the training of existing staff as well as employee benefits and retention. In this assignment we have been ask to answer the questions as follows. What is human resource management? What is the primary function of human resource management?

And what is the role of human resource management in an organization’s strategic plan? Our first topic is a description of what human resource management is all about.

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Human Resource Management Quizlet
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The function of a human resource manager can be defined as the recruitment of employees, the management of employees, as well as providing direction and training for the individuals who work for the company or organization (Hatfield, 2014). Human Resource Managers also handle issues that encompass areas like compensation, training, performance management, safety, benefits, communication, administration, and wellness.

Human Resource Managers also offers a strategic and complete method to managing the culture and environment of an organization. Furthermore, successful HARM prepares employees to effectively add to the productivity to the overall direction of the companies’ goals (Hatfield, 2014).

Now that we have a good understanding of what a Human Resource manager is. We can look at the primary function of a human resource manager. The functions of the Human Resource Management are laid out as primary and secondary functions.

The primary functions begin with Human Resource Planning. Human resource planning is built around planning for the present as well as future needs of the organization. This is done by studying the external market and the changes to those markets; human resource managers conduct this practice so the planners can develop a strategic plan in advance (“The Primary Functions of Human Resource Management”, 2014). The second primary function is the Equal Opportunity Employer.

This function deals with legal responsibilities of the organizations to prevent any discrimination when it comes to the hiring, training and compensation practices. The third primary function is the staffing function. This function deals with the search for current as well as future applicants, this function also deals with the assessing and the evaluation of potential employees (“The Primary Functions of Human Resource Management”, 2014). The next primary function on our list is the Compensation and Benefits function.

Here the human resource manager deals with the internal wage structure as well as the competitive benefit package. Primary function number five is the Labor Relations. Employee labor relation is a communication system designed so the company employees have a venue to address any problems or grievances an employee may have. Health Safety and security is primary function number six, this function is put in to place to help promote a safe and healthy work environment. This unction would include the company’s safety training, assistant programs for employees as well as health and wellness programs.

Our last primary function is Human resource development; this function is designed to ensure the company employees possess the core competencies that will meet the present as well as the upcoming job demands to ensure the company will have the work force it need to remain competitive in the now as well as the future (“The Primary Functions Of Human Resource Management”, 2014). The secondary functions of the human resource management comprise these three components. Organization and job design, Performance management ND performance appraisal, and Research and information systems.

The next aspect of the human resource management we are going to look at is the role it plays in the company’s strategic plan. The strategic plan for an organization future is just as important for the HER department as any other department in the company. Strategic human resource planning will compare the company’s current staffing talent to what the company will need in the future in order to reach the long term goals the company has set. The HER department can achieve this by making sure the following elements are met. The first element is Hiring, putting your aces in heir places.

Secondly is Career Development and Retention, this means developing the staff to meet their potential. Thirdly is Training, making sure the right skill set exists. Lastly is Performances and Recognition Management, making sure the staff exhibits the right attitudes and behaviors (Perform, 2014).

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