Human Resources at Airport – Internal Factors

Describe the internal factors to consider when planning the human resource requirements at Manchester Airport. In this assignment I am going to consider what human resource requirements could Manchester Airport have due to changes in different areas they’re operating. Internal Factors. If the Manchester Airport decided to make some changes in their technology use within the airport then they may have to consider following: Staff – due to changes in the way they operate (they start to use more technology) the airport might change their use of staff.

Since use of technology can replace more and more peoples work then less people will be employed because it is more beneficial for the business. However there are some points than needs to be taken into account and they are: The new technology will require for new skills (specific IT skills), therefore this might lead the business to give additional training for the rest of the stuff that will keep operating within the airport.

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This will reduce the number of staff however they might have a need to employ temporary employees that could deal within temporary problems that technology might have unless it’s been provided within the training programme for the staff. However this might lead to another problem because when business will have a need to decide what personnel they want to keep and with which one they want no further contact, they need to look at their abilities to learn new skills because not all people would cope with the new technologies because they are too old to be understanding the use of them. Demands for service.

If the business saves money on employing less people than needed then the Airport could develop their offers such as providing more flights and therefore being able to keep the same number of staff. If the technology will prove how beneficial it is for business they might have a demand for services therefore giving those people more opportunity to work. If the business expand and it stays with the same amount of workers but more technology it could be counted as a saving for business because they will get more money for the services provided meanwhile employing the same amount of people.

This will be beneficial for business because it won’t have a need to sack people or spend loads of money on recruiting new staff when they use their existing employees and also employees with benefit from because they will still have a safe source where they’ll get their finances from. Changes in products they change to market changes. For example, if the business decided to offer more flights to countries with big population, they might need to consider employing more translator type of people that could help the customers with good customer service by providing them ability to be understood even if they don’t speak that particular language.

Even in the case of emergency if the person doesn’t speak English but for a medic it is important to know what he experiences then a translator could be in the straight meaning – life saver. This will give good feedback from customers and more people might be using their services because they know for sure that they won’t be alone – there always will be someone that will be able to help with any queries or problems. Workforce profiles. The Manchester Airport is requiring special entry requirement for different workplaces.

For example, to become a part of air cabin crew you have to be pass following requirements – you need to be physically and medically fit, you will have to pass certain weight and height restriction. This is done because it will complete their health and safety policies in context of employing only people that are fit to that job role. Also they should be able to meet their uniform standards which incudes having no tattoos or piercings that could be seen by the passenger of the plane.

Changes in the environment. Weather is a very important issue that must be always kept as an important issue within the airports. They can plan their flights based only on weather because this is something that will affect people’s safety. Now when more and more technologies enter the actual business, airport can use various methods of predicting weather so they can be sure that their flights won’t be affected by unexpected storms, snow etc. that could be hard to deal with whilst on air.

This will affect staff in a way they will be needed to be given additional training to ensure that they can use those new technologies and read the information with no mistakes because if done faulty it could cause major issues whilst flying. External factors. There are many factors that have an impact however they can’t be controlled by that particular business because they are external. The biggest impact on business is caused by the changes in the economy. The economy changes make business think carefully about who they employ and for what reasons.

Recession disables people to spend much money of stuff they may have wanted to spend on such as holidays etc therefore if less people will subscribe those offers then less flights will be provided which then will indicate the business to make most of the contracts to part – time in order to save money on staff that they don’t exactly need all day round. The Manchester Airports Group (MAG) is the second largest UK airport operator and comprises the airports of Manchester, East Midlands, Humberside and Bournemouth. 4 million passengers travelled through MAG airports in 2009-10 (across all 4 airports) and the Group handled 409,000 tonnes of air freight. MAG generates around ? 3. 2 billion for the UK economy and supports over 130,000 jobs nationwide. This will provide further opportunities to join the airport team, working in stimulating environment where no two days are ever the same. So if looking from HR point of view – this business gives great opportunity to many people from different ethnicities to get a job and work in a friendly environment.

This will enable the business be able to employ people that want to work no matter what and that have good skills because nowadays when many people are losing their jobs during the recession they tend to work harder to keep their jobs. Airport should supply labour on national and international scale because in this way they would be able to bring more different and unique skills within their organisation. People from different places has got different experiences therefore then more experienced people you bring into the business then more the business can rely on them and become successful.

Since the our nation is slowly moving from manufacturing industry jobs to retail, service, and education workforces then by becoming a international employer, the business gives chances to more people become educated and earn skills that will help them in their lives later on. The gap between the manufacturing and retailing industry jobs should be dealt by the local business and agencies to ensure that people don’t suffer from these massive changes. They should be given an ability to find a new job by giving them additional training in order to keep up with the worlds updates job wise.

Manchester airport is providing their own training such as they give training to a new personnel of air cabin crew team. This enables the personnel to be more productive in terms of their work because they have received additional training and therefore they can show good results for the business they are working for. As more and more people form EU are transferring to live in the UK, then there are more competition between the people wanting to work in the airport because these people often have an ability to speak in more than two three languages which is very useful and those skills are required.

This gives an impact of having bigger competition between those people that have just come to this country against those, who own it. This business can decide what people they want to employ and therefore it leads back to one of the points why they should supply labour on national and international basis. Also business needs to consider whether they should emergence measures such as emergency training or short term contracts.

For example, if many people massively fall ill and cannot return to their work duties for a while then business should consider of employing other people on short term basis. In this way they are able to observe any unique skills that they have a lack of in their business and if found they might consider the option of employing that person on permanent basis. In this way Airport is able to scan bigger amount of people and search for their skills on order to ensure that business has got decent employees that know how to do their job.

In return of doing a good job the Manchester Airport is providing well served network of local and regional buses running daily from early morning to late night, including weekends and bank holidays. This is not just for travellers but is suitable for staff because it gives them opportunity to traveller from one location to another depending on their duty basis at any time. Also the workers are provided with free training therefore they don’t have to worry about not being up –to- date and they can feel safe and confident about what they are doing is good and as required.

Also Manchester Airport gives great opportunities for those families whose members are working within their business because Manchester by itself is a big and very socialised city with links all over the England and beyond. The family can have their education in one of the best colleges and university across the England therefore giving people chances to live better even if someone is travelling far distances and is not always available at home. http://www. lumosity. com/

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