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Human Resources Services

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Human resources services| Assessment 2| | Eduardo Sa| 2070598| | Table of Contents 1. Introduction2 2. Findings2 3. Conclusion and Recommendations3 4. Feedback4 1. Introduction We are Human Resource consultants; named Caterina & Eduardo began in 1990. We Help Company and small business with the recruitment. We help Employers find suitable staff; employee to be proactive. Master Steel a small family business requested our profession skills to encourage all employees to deliver best service. Our weapon is excellent communication.

With the owner approval, we created a survey; followed up: interviewed two staff members.

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Human Resources Services
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2. Findings We have developed survey of questions to ask employee point of view in the organization.

We asked questions in regards satisfactions, teamwork, management, training, improvement in the work place. Most of the questions we have developed aim to understand the internal communication in the company; the opportunity and quality. Two employees took the survey ;one is a 19 year old, which is studying to accomplish Certificate 3 Engineers in Fabrication: also he is an apprentice in the organization.

Second employee is a father of 3 kids, past 40 ‘s. He has got 10 years management experience, but is main duties is drafting. Both are very reliable people. After we have calculated the results; we discovered that they didn’t have many disagreements. Equally feel pleased to work for the company and they are committed to quality and continue improvement. This organization is a family business, which aim to deliver consistent service. Therefore, we created the right KPIs of what is important to the organization. The apprentice needs to be assessed every 3 month to release efficiency and consistence.

All staff requires regular trying in the appropriate area to not relaxed track of the yield. If a new worker is needed the company must organize an induction on the first day, including a full tour how to safely use the machineries. We measured the proactively team work by recording positive approach to team activities. We introduced monthly meetings, daily interaction with one another and standard rules within team member like: speak respectfully to each other; conflicts will be resolved directly with the persons in conflict. Complaints about team members will be addressed first in the team.

Reward for productivity: first we developed a list of task to accomplish into to the factory. For example: clean factory, organize tools, and keep stock in ordered. 3. Conclusion and Recommendations Master Steel is a reliable family company. They have created numerous regular clients. They efficiency and consistency to deliver continually quality is their mission. Two of the staff members are the kids of the owner, which they put lots proud in what they do. Also every worker seems to know what they doing. The drafter is very trustworthy. He is leading the team not to make many mistakes.

They have a senior boilermaker, which correct the two owner’s sons when needed. Each of themes has a role to follow up. Like the owner: he focuses on the customer relations, on the paper work, on organizing quotes. The owner’s wife she does the payroll. All jobs are covered quite well. And everyone seems getting well with each other. We recommend to the company to work on developed KPI measurement to achieve major success in the company. Training is what makes an Organization stronger. Create a work environment where everyone knows how to accomplish the jobs fast and professionally.

Monthly the owner should teach some of the paper work to their children that will help theme to understand the pressure of the business. Communication and understanding it’s very important in this field; Mistakes can be repair in some of the jobs, but no to all of it. The t drafter has got serious responsibility when reproducing a client purchase is needed . If the drafter is not clear with is design the boilermakers can get wrong the measurement and downgrading the work. That creates frustration in the work place, because the fabrication needs to be reshaped or repair.

Patch-ups are least expensive, but rebuild a steel fabrication cost many and it’s a time consuming. Regular training is high recommended, first: to not waste material; second: the time the steel fabrication need to be reconsider other jobs gets behind. The damage to company can get negative when to many jobs are delivering late. The owner of Master Steel company when his quoting a client, need to consider: along will take his team to producing efficiently? Which will avoid dispute with customer. It is important to count mistakes and evaluate workers.

Keep tracking of the mistakes can help understand the financial lost; repetitive mistake can be correct. Evaluate the workers individually can improve their skills; the company will benefit by having a proactive team. Most of all, the organization will reach the goals on becoming best, reliable, efficient steel fabrication on the gold coast. 4. Feedback I called the client 1 week after the interview, looking for some feedback. The following topics were asked. 1. Are you satisfied with the interview approach? 2. Are you satisfied with the questions used? 3.

Are you happy with the interpretation of the employee’s answer? 4. Do you think that the interview time was well managed? The client said that he liked the approach and the questions used. He thought it was a personal approach, and like this, it was much easier to get inside the employees needs. Also, he liked the interpretation of the answers and the recommendations, which he used after the interview and had good results. Although in general he liked the work, he wasn’t so satisfied with the amount of questions. According to him, they were good, but few.

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