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Standards and Circumstances Before Intercourse

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I can not think of a proper age to engage in sexual intercourse because to me it should be experienced when one has matured enough and has the ability to make choices on their own, which would normally would be later a young adults life. But as where some people save themselves for marriage, that is their choice and also could be a great choice in avoiding STI s and to be with the one they love. I thought of this because it is totally what I think and intercourse is of one s own decision.

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Standards and Circumstances Before Intercourse
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Also standards and circumstances before intercourse to me would be like warming up for it like oral intercourse or dating but to me this could be done in an order of saving yourself for marriage” and is also one s choice, in timing of when it is right for someone to engage in intercourse. Love can also be said for one to have with a partner, in order to engage in sex, which also can be said as a commitment to a relationship.

People might not have time for a relationship but thrive for intercourse leading to intercourse without a relationship or a one night stand which can lead to STI s and other bad things like rumors of being easy for a girl or a player for a guy. Also the number of partners that one has is their own choice, whether it is a large number, which could be very unhealthy and unsafe due to STI s, or a just one, which is obviously a less risk of disease or problems.

Also a partner may want to know who their partner has been with to avoid a more risk of STI s which can be another reason to lessen the amount of sexual partners, since maybe the one that you fall in love with may resist you due to the possibility of diseases or just thinking your going to play them off like another. I believe that it is both partners choice to include protection against pregnancy or STI s since it is both peoples risk and could harm them and others by spreading disease or pregnancy to trouble their lives.Also it is to other peoples benefit that people protect themselves to lessen the risks of STI s. If I created a pregnancy I would keep the baby since I do not believe in abortion.

And if I gave an STI to my partner I would marry that partner so we could share each other and deal with our problems together since I gave this horrible thing to her.

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Standards and Circumstances Before Intercourse. (2018, Apr 16). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/human-sexuality-essay/

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