Human Trafficking Speech

What is human trafficking? - Human Trafficking Speech introduction?? Human trafficking is the movement of people by means such as force, fraud or deception, with the aim of exploiting them. It is modern day slavery. Did you know? 60-80,000 people are trafficked into the United States each year, of those 80, 000 80% of them are women. It is estimated in a study that women ages 18-24 and children as young as 10 both are the most common victims of human trafficking, for reason such as commercial sex or involuntary labour.

Traffickers usually target developing countries where opportunities are limited and often comprise of the most vulnerable in society, such as refugees, and other displaced persons. Victims are deceived and lured by coercive and manipulative tactics including deception, intimidation, threats, and debt bondages. Victims which have been misled and lured into the country are immediately sold as slaves, and women are often forced into sexual exploitation within strip clubs or pornographic production houses or brothels where they are expected to sleep with over 20 men a day unprotected.

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This is severely detrimental to both the physical and emotional state of victims as many are put through traumatic situations. Victims suffer from lack of food and water supplies, often malnourished and thus negatively affects their health. Furthermore horrid living conditions are also experienced and because of these inhumane conditions most victims of trafficking are traumatized by their experiences, which can lead to thoughts of suicide and depression.

In addition they develop a fear of being unsafe or unprotected and suffer from mental instability, especially women who are vulnerable to sexually transmitted infections such as HIV/AIDS, drug addictions and high risk abortions. The United States’ awareness of an increase in human trafficking and lack of protection for victims has led to the formation of many laws. This includes the ‘Trafficking victims protection act (2000)’ which seeks to protect victims of trafficking by the creation of a non-immigrant T-visa, which allows trafficked victims to stay in the U. S. It also increases funding and support for NGOS, shelters and health care providers, which enhances the promotion of awareness hence improving the effectiveness of this act. Furthermore the act created new provisions to prosecute traffickers, which increased enforceability through legal measures and in turn promotes effectiveness. In 2005, a South Korean businessman Kil Soo Lee former owner of an American Samoa garment factory lured 300 Vietnamese and Chinese to work in inhumane conditions, where the workers endured abuse and brutal punishment.

Additionally, victims were used as “puppets” that were compelled into involuntary labour in appalling working conditions; this clearly violates the human rights as outlined in article 4 and 5 of the universal declaration of human rights. Although, this act has added to the provisions in prosecuting traffickers the extent to which this act has been effective in stemming the problem can yet be seen, and therefore this act can be considered ineffective.

Additionally , The Trafficking Victims prevention Reauthorization Act of 2005 was also formed which gave U. S court’s jurisdiction over federal employees and contractors who committed trafficking related offenses while working overseas. This act is effective as it reinforces various elements of rule of law including the notion that no one is above the law. Furthermore it can also be deemed as effective as it provides the U. S. ederal court with additional jurisdiction of the human trafficking, improving enforceability which then allows for more prosecutions to occur and therefore stem the issue. However, it can also be said that this piece of legislation is ineffective as human trafficking still occurs at a large scale, seen in the case of Kil soo where hundreds laboured for hours in inexcusable conditions. Moreover, through this act, it can be seen that the U. S. as made an attempt in reinforcing human rights as article 3 and 6 of the United Nations supplementary convention on the abolition of slavery is upheld. This act is successful in upholding human rights, and thus presents it as effective. To conclude, the U. S has made a fair attempt to the control of human trafficking to and from the U. S. Although current laws have been somewhat effective, it is paramount that the U. S. develop further laws directly focused on the issue of human trafficking which are both enforceable and resource efficient. Thank you.

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