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Hunger in Africa

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Hunger is a devastating epidemic that has affected much of Africa. It has caused thousands of people to die each year. Hunger has been one of the toughest problems to solve in Africa. People in countries much like America often take having food for granted. Hunger, a vital issue in Africa, is often forgotten. There are many causes of hunger in Africa, one being war. War has caused crops to be lost, money put towards no good, and children to lose their parents.

(Aaseng, 35). It also stops transportation of goods needed for basic living. (Aaseng, 35).

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Hunger in Africa
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Natural disasters such as floods and droughts have also contributed to hunger as they destroy the crops. (Aaseng, 35). The flooding also causes the loss of nutrients in the ground. Most of the African countries are poor and the farming villages very small so they cannot afford the equipment and advanced materials used in America today. (Sanchez, 2). They don’t have fertilizer to restore the soil. Once the nutrients are gone it becomes very difficult to grow anything.

(Sanchez, 2). Dave Penny says it is because of the “unskilled farmers” that the soil has gotten to be so bad.

Along with these causes are overpopulation and over consumption. (Aaseng, 37-38). It’s bad enough not having enough food in the first place but when there are too many people matters become even worse. There are so many people in Africa that there is not enough food to go round. The people, when they get food, eat too much and crave more. It is difficult when everybody wants and needs food when there is not any. Injustice also plays a role in hunger. (Aaseng, 45). It keeps the rich full and fed while the poor are empty and hungry. (Aaseng, 45).

Most times the effects of hunger are devastating. It causes malnutrition which affects people of all ages, (Sanchez, 1) especially the children. Children are still developing and growing and without the correct nutrition it could damage their bodies in many ways. It also lowers the body’s immune system and so they are more likely to get sick. (Sanchez, 1). It is easy for the people with malnutrition to get sick because they do not live in healthy environments to begin with. (Aaseng, 40-41). They do not have good medical care either so often if someone is ill they may die.

A great deal of things is being done to try and help the starving people of Africa. Concerts have been held to raise money to feed the more desperate parts of the continent. (Norman, 1). Foods such as corn and cassava plants have been imported into Africa to try and provide a quick fix for the hunger problem. (Cassava Plant, 1). A new solution has been formed by the UN to try and remedy the hunger situation. It is to teach the people to put nutrients back into the soil so that they can grow their own food. (Hunger in Africa, 2).

Over the years the nutrients in the soil have been lost, making it difficult to grow food in Africa. (Hunger in Africa, 2). Hunger is a growing problem in Africa and needs to be controlled. Although many things have and are been done to prevent and control the hunger situation, the problem is still seen even after the solutions have been put into motion. Unfortunately, hunger does not disappear in one day. It takes years and often there is more than one problem causing the hunger. Each of these causes must be dealt with in order to solve hunger.

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