Hunt for Seasonal Workers

This paper will talk about how work shortages have force companies to seek help outside America by tapping into the global market for employees via the Internet, and technology that has been made available to businesses in this country and worldwide, borders that have stood in the way are coming down and making it easier to fill the need in times of labor shortages.

If companies can’t fill the positions with workers under H-2B visas they should consider retirees there is a market that is very large for retirees, and businesses are realizing that they make outstanding full- or part-time workers. As the baby boomer generation races toward retirement these potential workers are ready to fill positions because the H-2B program as reach the quota allotted by the government. Also because of concerns of the viability of Social Security and pensions not being enough retirees are the next was of workers to step in because of labor shortages in this country.

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Another thing the companies in this case could do is call more over-time to meet the rising demands of their work load the benefit to calling overtime is the employees are happy for the extra money and the companies don’t have to spend extra money for training and shipping in people from other places. The best thing about retired workers are that they provide many years of positive work and life experience, that they can apply to a lot of positions. In closing retirees enjoy flexible work that allows them to still have fun and feel useful while making extra cash.

Seeing as the labor shortage problem has no real solution right now the only options companies have is to put out better work packages and better marketing to spark the interest of American workers to apply for the seasonal jobs that are facing the labor shortage or continue to press the government to change or modify the existing law so that more foreign workers can obtain the H-2b visa or have their human resource departments do better at forecasting supply and demand for the possibility of labor shortages.

In order for the High Sirrea Poole company to avoid labor shortage problems in the future the company will have to come up with creative ways to recruit people who will keep coming back and back for the seasonal jobs that are available. One way of doing this is to use non-traditional The Hunt For Seasonal Workers Crosses Borders 3 recruiting media to show what the company has to offer to a wider group of potential workers such YouTube, recorder podcasting, social medial like Facebook and Tweeter, this type of strategy will make the company standout and hopefully be more appealing to people who otherwise wouldn’t show interest.

Offering current employees incentive for referrals such as monetary or non-monetary perks is a good way to have people knocking down the company’s door. As economic uncertainty continues to sweep this country and the rest of the global companies will need to be ever on the lookout do deal with the problems that come with this unstable economic climate. If companies stay on their toes and have outstanding strategic planning and innovative way to keep hire employees at home and beyond our borders they should be okay when labor shortages hit and cause economic chaos.

If companies take care of the workers that they have and treat them fairly, their workers will stand by them when hard times come a knocking at the door. The Hunt For Seasonal Workers Crosses Borders 4


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