I Am Poem

I am fearless when it comes down to America.

I wonder what would happen if I didn’t step up after my husband fell down wounded. I hear the ear piercing sounds of guns being fired, soldiers dropping dead rapidly. I see the towering, dark clouds covering the battlefield, soldiers taking cover. I want to be remembered as not someone great,but somebody who helped their country.

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I am Molly Pitcher.

I pretend to be bashful about the war, but when the country is in trouble I have to pull through. I feel sorrowful about my husband but I know he is gratified about what I did. I need nothing as long as my country and family are at peace. I worry that there will be more wars to come, but I know my country will come through. I cry at my husband’s sake, knowing he is in pain.

I am Molly Pitcher.

I understand my role in this war, and when it is time to take control. I believe that as long as I play my role, my country will remain as one. I dream that one day in our generation, we won’t have to settle arguments with petty wars. I try to help as much as I can, as a soldier and a servant. I hope that I will one day make a sacrifice for my country, because it is only right to repay them. I am fearless when it comes down to America.

I am Molly Pitcher.

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