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Iago from “Othello”

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People are not always the way you see them to be. Within the play Othello by William Shakespeare, a character named Iago displays a very good example of this. Iago who is Othellos ensign is considerate to people although at the same time manipulates their minds into thinking different things other than what had really occurred. Therefore, the victims of Iagos mischievous acts had been lured in to gullibility at every corner.

In Act I, Iago had used his magic on Roderigo who was very upset upon the fact that Othello and Desdemona were still able to be as one, since he was very much in desire for her.

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Iago from “Othello”
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Iago had told him not to worry and that Desdemona will soon desire him. Roderigo had then believed him. He had also convinced Roderigo to attack Cassio because Desdemona would eventually run to him as she had done so as shewandered from Othello to Cassio, which took place in act II. Again Roderigo had trusted his every word Iago spoke and went along with the plan.

He had worked on Cassio by persuading him to drink knowing that he could not withstand the power of liquor and Iago had planned to setup Desdemona to attract to Cassio although this failed since Cassio intention of Desdemona was plutonic. Here, Iago attempts to create another manipulation but it does not pull through. As in act III,Othello had fallen into the trap of Iago as he provokes to him that there is a connection between his wife and Cassio. Othello upset levels have been raised more as Iago had told him this. Othello began to doubt his wife in this matter. Iago had shown great dishonesty and evilness to his own leader. Iago had already caused so much devious acts that he took this to another level. He had taken something that symbolized the love and compassion Othello had for Desdemona which a handkerchief. Iago had told Othello that Cassio and Desdemona have something going on after Iago had supposedly over heard what Cassio was saying in his sleep. Othello eventually becomes furious at both of them, most especially his wife because he is led to believe their marriage was false. Iagos plan worked and it yet close to his goal. He again persuades Othello in killing Cassio so he will win her back. Othello still relies on Iagos influence thinking that all his decisions are proper things to do. As of act V, at the end Iagos own wife is the one to figure out what his whole plot is and tells Othello what he had done and this was one thing that Iago had not been able to use his skills in manipulating him. Othello stabs Iago who was the villain of this play the whole time. This play displayed the power that one person may have in order to get what they want. It also showed how much the characters had bought into Iagos thoughts and influence to cause even more damage between everyone. His power is led to believe that anyone could be gullible no matter what position you are whether it be in rank or how smart you may be

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