Iago’s Revenge Essay

Iago’s Revenge

Act I, Scene I

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Iago helps Roderigo in his pursuit for Desdemona when Iago already knows that Othello and Desdemona are married - Iago’s Revenge Essay introduction. He also helps Roderigo because he condemns Othello’s decision in promoting Michael Cassio as lieutenant over him.
Iago advises Roderigo that he can lessen Othello’s pleasure in his marriage by turning him against the family of Desdemona.
Iago provocatively tells Brabanzio that Othello and Desdemona are making love which roused Brabanzio and began looking for his daughter.
Act I, Scene III

Iago tells his plan of cheating Roderigo and convince Othello that Michael Cassio and Desdemona are having an affair
Act II, Scene I

Iago notices Cassio taking Desdemona’s hand as he tells her about Othello’s arrival. This scene is used by Iago to frame him in having an affair with Desdemona.
Iago encourages Roderigo that Desdemona will soon get tired or her marriage with Othello and prefer a more handsome man who he refers to be Cassio. Iago emphasizes the hand-taking of Cassio is not merely an act of politeness but a proof that they might be having an affair.
Iago provokes Roderigo to start a fight with Cassio that night so Cassio will lose his position as lieutenant.
Iago tells how he also lusts after Desdemona thinking that Othello has slept with his wife, Emilia.
Act II, Scene III

Iago talks to Cassio after Othellos left him and tells him of his suspicion that Desdemona is seducing Cassio. Cassio defends Desdemona but is convinced by Iago to have a drink.
Iago degrades Cassio’s personality to Montano, another guard, by telling him that Cassio have drinking problems.
Iago points to Roderigo Cassio’s location so he can mock him into committing a disgraceful action.
Upon Othello’s demand for explanation from the chaos, Iago pretends that he does not want to speak ill of Cassio which persuaded Othello that Iago was just being a good friend to Cassio. Othello discharges him form being a lieutenant.
Iago convinces Cassio to ask Desdemona for help so she can convince Othello to bring his position back as lieutenant. This way Othello would become more convince of their affair.
Act III, Scene III

Iago testifies that he saw Cassio coming out of the room when Othello asks if it was indeed Cassio. He also added that Cassio seemed guilty of something when they arrived.
With Othello, Iago starts implying that Cassio and Desdemona might be having an affair because he had served as their bridge when Othello and Desdemona were still in the stage of courting.
Iago insinuates that he does not believe Cassio is honest and loyal when he showed reluctance in answering Othello’s questions about Cassio’s honesty.
Iago suggests that Desdemona might be losing interest in Othello because of his age and color.
Iago plants the stolen handkerchief of Desdemona inside Cassio’s room
Iago lies about Cassio having a dream about Desdemona. He tells Othello that when they have shared a bed together, he heard Cassio called out Desdemona’s name and kissed him on the lips and embraced him with his legs. Amidst Othello’s rage, he reminds him that it was nothing but a dream.
Iago tells Othello that he has seen Desdemona’s handkerchief in Cassio’s hands.
Act III, Scene IV

As a result of Iago’s lies, Othello confronts Desdemona and demands Desdemona to show him the handkerchief
Act IV, Scene I

Iago lies that Cassio has admitted having slept with Desdemona.
When Cassio enters to speak with Iago, Iago asks Othello to hide so he can hear how he would ask Cassio to retell his affair with Desdemona. It is actually Bianca that Cassio is talking about and not Desdemona.
Act V, Scene I

Iago accompanies Roderigo after convincing him that he needs to kill Cassio first to avoid Othello from sending Desdemona away.
Iago stabs Cassio without concealing himself and later pretends that he was the one who found Cassio wounded. He kills Roderigo.
Act V, Scene II

Iago kills his wife when she revealed his evil deeds

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