If Only I Had Been More Careful, That Wouldn’t Have Happened

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The speaker recalls a trip they took with their partner, which ended their relationship. The speaker had planned a five-day trip to their hometown, where they wanted to introduce their partner to their family and show them some tourist attractions. They had also planned a romantic moment with a ring. However, during the trip, the speaker got distracted and crashed their car. Although the partner was not hurt, the accident made them distant and silent. The next day, the partner left a letter and ended the relationship without saying goodbye. The speaker regrets their carelessness and feels hopeless about the situation.

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Make you still retrieve the really last journey we took which ended our relation? I remember every individual minute on that twenty-four hours. It still fresh in my head and one think i’ll ne’er forget in my full life. I still retrieve one hebdomad before that twenty-four hours. I planned to a trip with you for around five yearss. I wanted to demo you my hometown and present you to my household members my household members and convey you besides visited some tourer attractive forces at that place. Not merely that. i had prepared a ring for a romantic minute. When the twenty-four hours came. i felt more aroused and even felt a small nervous and dying. On the manner back to my hometown. I was highly happy and thought about presenting you to my household members. I was keeping your manus on my lap while driving. You asked me non to keep your manus excessively tight.

You said I looked cute in my jitteriness. We continued our journey but my head had wondered off. non paying to the full attending to my drive. I had increased the auto velocity and because of that crashed in on other auto. The accident non merely shocked me but besides scared you. Not even one second after the clang. my auto had turned over and turn over down the hill. Fortunately our auto stuck on a large tree. You did non hold any hurts from this accident but I knocked my caput on the guidance wheel and I was shed blooding. After go forthing the auto. i hugged you tightly into my bosom. but this clip you barely tried to force me off. You made me experience the heat and touch as you rubbed off the blood on my brow and set on a plaster. I felt more nervous about our relationship although we did non reason about anything.

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In approximately 20 proceedingss. the tow auto towed my auto to a workshop and we returned to our places. After that accident. you did non talk. There was no smiling on your face and you looked asleep. no affair how i tried to do laugh and talk. Nothing worked. The following forenoon. i went to your room. I could non happen you. i saw your room was empty but you had left a missive for me. You left me mutely without stating adieu to me. At that minute. i felt you had been cruel to me. cruel to our relationship. Our relationship merely ended mutely. Two old ages of being together had been wasted. The dream to get married you had broken. I felt everything was hopelessIf merely I had been more careful. that wouldn’t have happened.

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