If you let me play

1. The writer uses the title, “If You Let Me Play…” to introduce her perspective on what will happen if people open up their minds to accepting women who play sports. Throughout the story, she references what impact playing sports had on the future of different women. The thesis of the story was that there are no boundaries between women and the playing field, and throughout the story, the writer proves this by giving examples of women who play sports and how it helped them gain leadership in the future.

2. Mary Brophy Marcus’s word choice, sentence structure, and use of quotations is appropriate for the readers that she is writing for. Most readers of US News & World Report and USA Today are adults and Marcus used a writing choice that although is easy to understand, is geared towards readers who are adults and have a common knowledge of the English language.

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3. Marcus’s essay does not reflect the style discussed. The book talks about a style of writing in which it is acceptable to use personal pronouns. Marcus did not use personal pronouns in her essay. 4. The point that Marcus makes about women’s participation in sports produces valuable skills is convincing. In her essay, she quotes interviews with multiple women that talk about the skills they learned while they were on a sports team. She also gives examples of specific skills that they have learned. The point that Marcus made about these skills helping the women gain success is also convincing. Marcus takes the examples of specific skills that were learned and explains how the women used them in their journey to success.

5. The quotation that Marcus used at the end of her essay does advance her thesis. Her thesis is proving a point that there is no barrior holding women back from playing the same sports that men do. The quote closes the essay effectively because it is basically saying that the same women who were asking to play are now realizing that there is no glass ceiling holding them back.

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