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IKEA: SWOT Analysis

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This resource can be used for general classwork prep or acquisition accomplishments for probe. It is a good simple exercising in conveying the assorted nomenclatures together in understanding what it means and how it can be used in context. This allows the students to convey out more in treatment and understand that the subjects covered in Business Studies are non insular.

The result will be by distinction.First Activity:Using the instance survey and any other resources. specify the undermentioned words: Multinational Company ; Primary sector ; Secondary sector ; Tertiary sector ; occupation production ; batch production ; flow production ; thin production ; merchandise scope ; merchandise mix ; variegation ; new merchandise development ; franchisor ; franchisee ; market portion ; consumer ; employees ; stakeholders ; channel of distribution ; sourcing ; pricing scheme ; market section ; mark market ; merchandise orientated ; market orientated ; service sector ; retail sector ; private costs ; private benefits ; societal costs ; societal benefits ; external influences ; sustainability ; environment ;PR ; corporate societal duty ; communicating ; green marks ; C footmark ; scheme ; aims ; tactics ; mission statement ; vision ; SWOT analysis ; trade name ; organizational construction ; thin production ; quality circles ; quality confidence ; quality control ; kanban ; kaizen ; location ; cardinal public presentation indexs ; benchmarking ; recyclin g ; renewable stuffs ; economic systems of graduated table ; monetary value snap ; green merchandises ; landfill ; statute law ; IWAY codification ; profitableness ; net net income ; gross net income ; ROCE ; USP ; distinction ; societal tendencies ; competition ; disposable income ; staff preparation ; barriers to entry ; chance cost.

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IKEA: SWOT Analysis
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Second ActivityOnce you have completed the definitions link the undermentioned words together to organize a paragraph.

The words do non needfully hold to be in any order but must be in context of IKEA.Questions1. W chapeau does SWOT analysis mean?2. W hy is it of import for an administration like IKEA to make a SWOT analysis?3.

W Ho should transport out the SWOT analysis in IKEA?4. How has IKEA managed to accomplish such rapid growing?5. On mean how many clients have been to each of the IKEA shops?6. W hat was the mean spend per client in each shop?7.

W hat are IKEA s strengths?8. W hat are IKEA s failings?9. W hat are IKEA s chances?10. W hat are IKEA s menaces?11.

How has IKEA put up the barriers to entry for smaller concerns?12. How has IKEA focused on sustainability?Activities· Using the instance survey and the IKEA online catalogue. happen 10 merchandises that are environmentally friendly.· Using the assorted theory from text editions.

Times100 instance survey on IKEA and other beginnings. bring forth a alteration / larning usher on SWOT analysis.· Find 10 interesting facts about IKEA.Other resources· MP3 download of the full instance survey· Summary of the instance study 500 words· Brief of the instance survey f or lower ability students· Interactive online quizzes· Revision theory

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