Illegal Immigration Essay

“Education Benefits for Illegals? ”, written by Ralph P. Anderson, discusses weather or not offer free education to the children of illegal aliens. The author expressed his view for the government should not provide free education to the illegal children because of lack of education fee and space for these children. In this case, different people hold different views about whether or not denying free education to the children of illegal immigrants. Some people are of the opinion that government should provide this benefit for them, while the other people point out that the government should not offer that.

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As far as I’m concerned, I am in favor of the later opinion, the same as the author’s, agrees to deny free education free public education to the children of illegal aliens. First of all, providing the free education for the illegal children requires all of the public schools must have enough space for all the children, including the legal and illegal children.

But nowadays, with the increasing number of the legal immigrants in the United States, the population of U.

S is becoming larger and larger so that the space is getting more and more crowed. In the other words, there will be a great deal of children who are ready to go to school, so the school will be extremely crowed. Therefore, we require other extra space for these illegal children. However, it is the fact that the limited space does not allow us to get more. Thus, we can imagine that it is also a problem for the legal children to go to school for their study, not to mention the illegal children.

Once the government allows the illegal students to go to school legally, these children will compete for the limited space with the legal students and they can get the same benefits as the legal children. There will be a big unfair situation for all of the children who came here illegally as well as the students who were born here. Consequently, the government should not allow the illegal children to obtain a free public education. Furthermore, in the other hand, because of the United State Tax Law, all of the residents and citizens have the responsibility to pay the tax every year.

Because the illegal immigrants don’t have the social security card or other legal documents, the government does not know if they live here. It means they do not have a burden to pay the tax. Although they do not have duty to do that, their children can also enjoy the same benefits, insurance as the legal children whose parents have to pay tax every year. So, it will cause a big competition for the benefits between legal and illegal students. In addition, the budget is cut every year so the local schools do not have enough funds to offer such more classes now.

Hence, they are going to cut the classes, reduce the hours for the classes and so on. If the government allows the illegal students get a free public education, it would put extra pressure on the local school, and aggravate the speed to cut more classes. It is a big unfair for our legal students. So, we should insist that we should deny the free public education to the illegal children. Among all of the supporting evidence, we should refuse to allow the illegal children to get a free public education as the same as the legal children.

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