I'm Glad it did'nt happen to me

?It was Wednesday night all four of my friends were gathered at my bedroom for sleepover as the next day, dad was coming from Los Santos to pick us up and we would go to the grand party at hotel meridian, that one of my friends Lilly had kept. It was breezing cold outside even though the windows and blinds were down I could feel the chilling cold and for some reason I was scared, scared for what was going to happen tomorrow.

The next day came and we all woke up sluggishly from bed and waited eagerly for dad to come until then we all changed into our dashing party dress, till around 9 in the morning my dad came and we all sat in his big new pajero and then waited eagerly for the destination.

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I’m Glad it did’nt happen to me
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On the way we had party in the car and turned the whole car untidy, but I was blessed with the best dad and he didn’t say anything for the mess even we had broken his precious photo frame kept at the back of the car my mom had given him, my mom was no longer alive she had died when I was 6 by cancer and my dad doesn’t talk about her much now, anyways dad announced that we’ll be reaching there in a minute or so and when we did what a splendid surprise we got, our older friends who were the most dear to us were there and we were glad about that…..

and there came the organizer of the party Lilly beckhams our most important and loved friend, she had always helped us so there was no way that we could reject her invitation to the party…. she then escorted all of us inside.. dad wasn’t feeling well so he went home and now we were all there our whole gang the group of the naughtiest girls of high school…..

we started the fun we had music, dance, neon dance and fun with neon colors, food, and most all our dresses, they had became dirty as hell we were so much busy with enjoying the party that no one noticed that it was dusk and when I glanced at my watch it was almost 8, I called my dad to pick us up from the party and we waited till then in Lilly’s bedroom and freshened up ourselves, I made coffee for everyone and some of my other friends started to move we hugged each other and bid them good bye now there were only four of us and Lilly, we waited for my dad to come…..

and suddenly I heard loud horns and all four of us hugged Lilly and went downstairs to meet dad he was waiting for us in his pajero wearing his favorite Nike T-shirt and khakis… We went home and hit the sacks….. my friends had to go the next morning so they changed themselves into night suits… …but I didn’t even bother to do that…. the next morning I was awaken by the loud ringing of my phone I picked it up and

asked who it was the reply was somewhat like this “Hello, is this Michelle, I’m the manager of hotel meridian and I called you to tell that the night you left minutes later there was a gas leak in Lilly’s bedroom and the whole room was on fire and I am sorry that we couldn’t save Lilly” I had forgotten the language I spoke, tears rolled down my cheeks, she was the apple of my eye and seeing her suffer like that it was dreadful not only me but we were all in the same boat, little did we know that that was the last cup of coffee we drank with her, the last party we had with her, and the last time we saw her smile, but on the other hand I was glad it didn’t happen to me

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