Imagine That You Are Appointed as Manager of a Reputed Company Essay

Today’s world of business as well as status of economy calls for Managers who can drive organizations to success not only in good times but also in tough times like this - Imagine That You Are Appointed as Manager of a Reputed Company Essay introduction. Expectations from stake holders are always huge and at the same time, maintaining a highly motivated staff to achieve these goals is the challenge as a Manager I will have to face. The first and foremost point I will look at is the target for the Company for that particular fiscal year. I will then look at the time left out to achieve this target, resources available versus the status of the Company as of now.

By carefully reviewing all these data, I will plan the course of action for the rest of the year. As a Manager, I am very well aware that the functions that I need to perform within the organization after planning are organizing, coordinating, staffing and controlling. As part of these functions I will also need to manage business, manage managers as well as manage workers and work. I am sure I will need to go thru the resume of individuals who are directly reporting to me and also check what their contribution to the Company till then is.

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Imagine That You Are Appointed as Manager of a Reputed Company
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This is key to achieve our goal because as a Manager, I have to get the work done only thru my sub-ordinates. I may have to re-arrange the team if required and come up with measures to keep the members highly motivated. Once I have formed my team, then it is time for me to communicate the plans to the team and help them come up with their goals and objectives. I will also set up meetings in regular intervals with team members to follow up the progress and will be available to the team whenever they are in need of me for support or direction.

A Manager is the interlocking tie between higher and lower levels of the organization and the natural and most effective channel for communication. As a manager I have to plan the various activities of the organization in following manner. 1. Analysing the internal environment: It is important to analyse the internal environment prevailing in the organization. The internal invironment consist of manpower, machines, materials, organization structure etc. Such analysis would reveal the strength and weakness of the organization 2. Analyses the external environment: A complete analysis of the external environment to be undertaken.

Relevant data to be collected. It is important to forecast trends in the external environment. For instance, the planner has to collect data about consumer preferences, Govt. policies, competitive conditions etc. Such analysis would reveal opportunities to be grabbed and threats to be faced by the organization. 3. Setting up objectives and goals: Once the environmental factors are analyzed the next step is to set objectives. Objectives are set in all the key areas of opportunities, ie. , production, marketing, finance, personnel and so on. Objectives should be SMART Specific

Measurable Achievable Realistic and Time Bound 4. Framing alternative plans: After setting objectives, the next step is to determine the alternative plans. It is to be remembered that it is always advisable to prepare alternative plans rather than preparing a single plan. 5. Studying (Evaluating) the alternative plans: Once alternative plans are determined, they are to be evaluated in terms of costs, benefits, risks etc. There must be cost benefits analysis of every alternative. This is because of some plans may be more costly to implement, but more beneficial to the organization.

The other plans may be less expensive, but may not yield desired returns. Therefore, it’s a necessity of studying the pros and cons of the alternative plans. 6. Selection of the Best Suitable plans: Once the plans are analyzed or evaluated; the next step is to select the best feasible plan from the alternatives. The alternative plan which gives maximum benefit at minimum cost is selected. While selecting the best course of action, it will be consider the environment and objectives of the organization. 7. Formulation of derivative plans: Several operating plans are required to implement the overall plan.

Such operating plans are short-range plans or sub plans, which are useful in day-to-day operations. Programs, budgets, schedules etc are its examples. 8. Establishing the sequence at activities: Once the derivative plans are prepared, the next step is to work out the sequence and timing of activities involved in each sub plans. The sub plan needs to be integrated. So as to achieve the goals as per the plan. Then it will be get clear picture of the final plan. By analyzing all these factors as well as keeping in mind of the behaviors of an effective Manager, I will be in a position to plan all the activities within the organization.

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