Imaro: The Giant Kings/Rwandan Genocide Issue Essay

When Charles Saunders prepared the first volume of a new series of Imaro tales for publication in 2006, he had a bit of a quandary - Imaro: The Giant Kings/Rwandan Genocide Issue Essay introduction.  In a case of life imitating fiction, the events portrayed in “Slaves of the Giant-Kings” (published first in the 1970’s and then in DAW’s Imaro in 1981) eerily mirrored the real life 1994 horrific tragedy of the massacre of thousands of Hutu by the Tutsi.  Ultimately, Charles replaced “Giant Kings” with a new story.  Read his thoughts here, along with his response to a fan who took umbrage to his decision to delete the controversial story from the series.

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Imaro: The Giant Kings/Rwandan Genocide Issue
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