Immigration Activity Essay

Briefly describe today’s immigrants in terms of numbers, main source areas, and skills/education. About 40 million immigrants, more than half originating form Mexican, and a third have no high school diploma. 2. Identify and rank the five countries sending the largest numbers of immigrants to the U. S. Include numbers for the latest year available. Mexico 166,000, India 65,000, China 60,000, Philippines 53,000, and Vietnam 40,000. 3. What is the net economic impact on the U. S. of immigrant taxes and welfare benefits?

The welfare benefits are around twenty thousand while the average yearly family income is just eleven thousand.

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4. Briefly outline the main points of the Immigration Act of 1990 (IMMACT 90). What is the basic foundation of this act? The act increased the amount of legal immigrants permitted into the United States every year. This act also created a “lottery” program, which assigns visas arbitrarily. 5. What is meant by “preference levels” for immigration to the U. S.? Identify the preference levels. Do you believe such preferences are justified?

Support your opinion. New immigrants that are immediate relatives of American citizens are allowed into the United States. This law bears no limit as to how many relatives can enter the US. Aside from this there is the “Family Preference System” that is also for admitting relatives but this system does have a limit. I feel that the system works the way it is supposed to and is therefore justified. 6. What were the basic reasons for the record-breaking immigration in 1990 and 1991? When did it level off? Are migration numbers to the U. S. smaller or larger today?

Why/Why not? The Immigration Act of 1990 limited the amount of visas that could be given for employment reasons and to family. Numerically, the amount of visas was limited to 270,000. Once 1994-95 came the immigration seemed to level off, most likely due to Proclamation 187. Today, our numbers of immigrants are much larger then before, as it is no easier to achieve fake green cards and be able to work in the US. Also, since populations have risen, many illegal immigrants are looking for places to live and thrive and often cross the border.

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