Immigration in U.S

Immigration is a major argument in the U.S. today, even though immigrants have been in this great country since the 13 colonies. People see immigrants as criminals who shouldn’t be here because they overpopulate, take jobs, or damage this nation. Although hated, hundreds of immigrants continue to cross the U.S. border daily to come find a better life. What people don’t see is the benefit that immigrants have brought to the U.S. I believe that the United States should allow illegal immigrants from all over the world, since they bring many benefits that will help this country to be successful. Immigrants are a positive influence on the United States of America.

America is famously known throughout the world by the nickname “The Melting Pot”. The reason behind this is that the United States is an extremely diverse country and has many different races and people. Immigrants give America the chance to know and learn about many different cultures and styles. They have brought culture religion, economic benefits, and ideology to America. For example these people have brought different styles of cooking and food which is now sold in many successful American restaurants. Also people also bring a really big promise, which is to do whatever comes in the way in order to have a better life then in their native county.

People have described immigrants as being criminals and a bad influence to the people and the United States. They think that immigrants should evacuate the country, since they are only here to overpopulate it and make it look bad. Overpopulation cannot be true since immigrants only take up merely half of the U.S. population. Immigrants are not criminals, on the other hand they are only here for one reason, and that is to work. They are the ones who go through those hard labor jobs that Americans don’t want to do, Construction work, picking the produce that is sold daily.

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