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Immigration topic

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Women’s who immigrate to the U.S. had become a big issue for America, especially because they come to rebirth, which brings a lot of kids but also a lot of problems for example: Most of the U.S. citizens or legal aliens who work and make average money for the family it is hard to receive a single piece of benefits from the government, but if you are illegal, you can receive housing, TANF, food stamps, WIC, etc. Without any single problem and who pay for all that, we do.

In my case I used to work in a restaurant making minimum wage, I am I full-time college student, me and my mom pay full rent that’s like around $650, and we do not receive a single benefit, also another important fact when I got laid off from my job, the next day I called the workforce and they deny to me the unemployment benefits.

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The food stamps commission and all other associations said that we don’t qualify for benefits because in that time me and my mom used to make a lot of money (1600 monthly) ridiculous amount.

Also tuition for college is very high, this summer 1 I paid 700 dollars out of my pocket just for one class ,apparently because the state did not had enough funds ffor students or to make loans. If government would cancel or at least lowered the amount of benefits to all those illegals. The government would use that money in tuition and to low poverty for the native U.S. citizens

According to immigration policy center benefits for immigrants its not only affecting on tuition for college students, by the way it is also affecting private savings, investments, capital flows, interest rates, and the effect on minimum wages. Government of the United States has an estimated on savings, evitating all the immigrant women’s coming to the U.S. of about 2.6 trillion in 10 years about 19.7% of immigrant women’s receive health insurance, and about 48.9% of their immigrant children also receive insurance. On the other hand, immigrant’s women’s have less education, earn less income and have more kids per house hold than the Native American people. However, contribute less U.S. tax, but they receive more tax social assistance. Nonetheless the poverty rate for immigrants was at 50% higher than for native americans. By the way there is another minimum concern affecting the economy in United States “Immigrants in the United States sent $40 billion…That’s about equal the size of the Greek economy.”(Hagenbaugh).

In simple words big part of our money is going away, this affects our economy and at the same time it elaborates more money laundering for cartels in Mexico, so illegal women’s are creating more that one problem. Immigrant women’s are an easy target for restaurants, cleaning houses in our country causing a miserable life for them and their children. This fact take immigrants to receive all benefits like TANAF, food stamps, benefits that affect the real native born Americans in the economy and many other things. Higher poverty rates among Hispanic immigrants support this interpretation, to battle the immigration problem and reduce the cost of benefits to immigrant women’s, our country should adopt a complete political security in borders and get better procedures for legal migration, also promote reforms and make better efforts to fight against person trafficking in the U.S. Also to incorporate new agencies especially illegal’s, the government should continue with new programs helping to reform and law enforcement agencies reducing impunity, and corruption. Also reject the amnesty in the U.S. it only make it worse. United States had a similar case in 1986 when congress concede an amnesty for almost 3 million people.

The amnesty was an incentive for illegal people instead of creating opportunities for illegal immigrants; they should create more measures to control them. Immigration is very dangerous not only for the Hispanic women’s, it also affect our society in many ways. The American dream through immigration is only an illusion. Georgia, Nevada, and North Carolina experienced tremendous increases in their unauthorized immigrant women population during the 1990’s and 2000. (Passel and Cohn 2010). I think one of the best solutions to stop a big percentage of illegal women’s in our country is also send them to jail because crossing the border without authorization is a crime “The vast majority want to stay in the country… less than 5% of inmates are illegal immigrants. Not exactly the makings of a crime wave.”(Krayewski).

Finally, Immigration and maternity are two great factors of importance in the moment of establishing contact with women’s who leave back their life and decide to make a new living in another country, where they find big differences, life styles and languages. Some of the immigration cases is because the bad economy, migration of their parents, violence in their country and desperation. U.S. citizens have higher incomes, than incomes of non-citizen immigrants. According to The National Academy of Sciences has estimated that the averages immigrants without high school diploma, during his lifetime period impose a big cost above and beyond any taxes they pay of nearly 100,000 on U.S. taxpayers. By the way 6 million of the legal immigrants without high school diploma, will cost American taxpayers more than a half trillion dollars.

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