Imogen Heap: Songs about Childhood

Many artists write about their life experiences or what has happened to them - Imogen Heap: Songs about Childhood introduction. Imogen Heap has written a few songs about her childhood and things that she has been through. She has written a few songs about her life when her parents were going through a divorce. One of Imogen Heap’s famous songs is “Hide and Seek”. She wrote this song about her parents’ divorce. When she was 12 years old, she had to watch them fight. She was very confused with what was going on. She wrote, “where are we? /what the hell is going on? ” Everything was happening so fast for her to understand. She had to watch her parents leave each other.

Another thing she states in her song is “crop circles in the carpet. ” What she is trying to say is that the crop circles are where the furniture used to be. She remembers all of her childhood memories, “hide and seek/trains and sewing machines. ” She is thinking about how she used to play hide and seek, and with her toy trains. Where she used to play, her mother used to use her sewing machine. Imogen sings, “oily marks appear on walls/where pleasure moments hung before the takeover. ” The oily marks on the walls represents where old family pictures used to be before they were taken down.

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Imogen’s parents tried telling her getting a divorce was for the best, “Mmmm whacha say,/ Mmmm that you only meant well? /well of course you did/ Mmmm whacha say,/ Mmmm that its all for the best? ” She disagrees with her parents. Her opinion is that they are only thinking for themselves and that they don’t care about what she thinks. Another one of Imogen’s well known songs is “Headlock”. This song is about her remembering all of her childhood memories. Imogen Heap sings, “This weather’s bringing its all back again. /Great adventures,/Faces in condensation,/I’m going outside to take it all in. This is when she first remembers everything. Evidently, when Imogen first stood in this certain weather, she thought of when she was younger. She is thinking about all the great times she had when she was younger. Even though she remembers watching her parents always fighting and arguing while they were splitting up, she wants to remember her entire childhood again. Imogen has led a very unique lifestyle that has helped her mold her music. All of her experiences, though not so good, have helped to infuse into her music and shape the beautiful words that are her lyrics; that flow into each and every song and make them come together.

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