Impact of Advertising to the Consumers Essay

Impact of Advertising to the Consumers

            One of the most effective ways in selling product is through advertising - Impact of Advertising to the Consumers Essay introduction. This technique might be one of the hardest in marketing but all the marketers keep on conceptualizing new ideas to assure the marketability of their products. Today, in the world of high technology devices, the development of new products is uncontrollable. The market is being fed with new products from the manufacturing firms. Although, some products are not part of consumers’ needs or wants, all of them gain an appropriate and even beyond expectation of the market share. The main goal of advertisement is to make their messages effective to the target market. It aims to increase the brand awareness and influence them in buying the product (Gunter, Oates, and Blades 119).

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Impact of Advertising to the Consumers Essay
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            Apparently, the consumers unconsciously get affected by the advertisements, specially the young adults. Most of the advertisements nowadays have subliminal messages that affect the adolescents’ cognitive and behavioral aspects. Unfortunately, sex among young adults is one of the inexplicitly implied thoughts contained in advertisements. One perfect example is an advertisement for a toothpaste product wherein the teenagers in the commercial kissed. The advertisement showed how good the smell is and how effective the brand is for the users. On the other hand, the advertisement about a perfume shows a man and a woman seeing each other for the first time. Both are already having an illusion of having sex with each other after a while. It shows how intense the smell of the perfume is because it can easily attract anyown when smelled. Obviously, both advertisements sell only the products, however, the subliminal message behind it would affect the mind of the viewers. This kind of treatment is applied by the advertisers in order to assure the attention of the prospective consumers of a certain product.

            In order to promote brand awareness and recognition, enhance the product’s appeal, and encourage consumers to buy them, the manufacturing firms have been working hard to make effective advertisements that are persuasive and positive in getting and maintaining the brand loyalty of the consumers. However, consumers often tend to analyze the advertisement and overlook the social and psychological effects of these advertisements not only to their buying behavior but also to other aspects which are not really part of the intention of selling. (Gunter, Oates, and Blades 119)

            Since the teenagers today are perceived as aggressive and sexually active, advertisers are using this belief or even stereotyping and naming the youth by this statement in conceptualizing for an effective advertisement to convey the message about their brand. The sexual images in media and advertising give a definition of what is and who are sexy. (Reichert & Lambiase) With this kind of advertisements also, the viewers are having a perception on what is an appropriate body size and weight. Advertisements with subliminal messages become normal and a need to make the product known and remain recognized in the market. Aside from showing subliminal messages, advertisements also push the consumers to buy a certain product which is not part of either needs or wants of the people. Surprisingly, the products that people did not need before have become a demand. It is a strong proof that advertisements can make the people buy a product because of the manufacturers’ influential demand.

            These type of advertisements victimize the youth, specially the young women. Many teenage girls become pregnant because of the influence of media to them. Most of the television commercials and billboard advertisements convey sexual images to the public, and these have negative effects to the society. The advertisements create illusions about sex and it encourages the viewers to view sex in a more positive way. Moreover, these advertisements contribute to the eagerness of the youth to have sex and get pregnant in an early age.

            Indeed, advertising is needed for the marketability of a certain product but it affects the perception of the youth toward sex. What the teenagers can see on billboards and television will have an impact not only on their buying behavior but also to other aspects which are commonly unseen by the society, thus the youth become the center of criticism for being liberated and sexually active individuals. Advertisements are needed, as a matter of fact, this is where the consumers base their decision in buying, however, the need for proper concept for proper target market should also be considered.

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