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Impact of College Choice

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In life people have to make choices, in my life I have had to make many, many choices. I think that my biggest decision or choice would be my application and move to college. This would be considered the biggest decision I have had to make in my life so far. When your senior year in high school rolls around, most people have to start thinking about what they want to do with their lives in the next four years, and what will happen after those four years are done.

This was a time in my life when I had to make a choice about what I was going to do. I knew that I wanted to do something that involved the technology of computers and I thought I wanted to be an engineer. Well that was a choice I made, and it was not exactly a choice I thought about adequately. As it turns out engineering just wasn’t what I was meant to do.

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Impact of College Choice
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Some people would say that I made a bad decision, but I would rather say that I made an unwise decision. Computer engineering (the major that I choose first semester) was a lot more than I expected. I ended up failing Physics, Calculus and Chemistry! In addition to that, I was subject to separation from college. Well, now a decision really had to be made; it was time for me to make a choice.

My parents told me to think about other colleges and to think about other things to do instead of college, but I knew that was right for me. They often suggested that I go to community college for a semester or two and make sure that I was doing something that I wanted to do. I had attended the community college in my area during my last year in high school to take some extra courses, and I truly detested the place. I really did not want to go anywhere but. So I petitioned for readmission to a new department at. I decided that I should focus my studies on something other than engineering, because it was much more than I had expected, and it was flat out, too hard for me. Eventually, I was allowed back, and as of right now I am on academic warning. This is a result of my low GPA from last semester. I know this time around I will do better. Not just because of my choice of classes, but because I know that I really messed up last semester, and I am skating on thin ice. My choice to come back and give this my all, and to do well, is the right choice for me is the right place for me. People sometimes underestimate the power of choice in their lives. They don’t realize the impact that it can have. Obviously, I didn’t realize it earlier this year. I guess I am an example of how people just don’t think enough.

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