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Impact of Computer on Children

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Topic: Computer do not help children learn more effectively. On the contrary, the use of computers has a negative effect on chiledren’s physical and mental development. To what extent do you agree or disagree?
Along with the development of technology, there are a large number of inventions which have brought a lot of almost unbelieable benefits to people. Besides new material such as plastic; new energy like solar ennergy etc, computer is a great success of researching science. It’s undeniable that computers have strong impacts on young generation.

Personally, I think that using coputers has not only advantages but also disadvantages; so, parents should take care when allow their children to use computers.
Accoroding to many studies, computers are causes of problems about children’s physical development. It’s can be seen that by spending too much time infront of the computer and letting their fingers do the walking, children may suffer serious diseases, especially back pain, myopia and obesity.

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Impact of Computer on Children
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They would not finally end up with struggling with deteriorating health if time was spent more on sports or outdoor activities. As a results, our future generations will be not as well as we expect.
Futhermore, children’s mental also is affected by using computer ircorrectly. Because of some violent or sexual contents, which usually appear in some games and black webs, children may have bad thinkings and behaviors. Therefore, they certainly get out of their control and also can’t avoid crimes. In addition, fake relationships, fake background information ,that are created to cheat everyone, are big hazard for children. It isolates them from real life; it makes some bad guides and thousands of negative effects.
It’s undoutable that thanks to computers, childrens are provided various ways to study and relax themselves. They can research any issues with the help of internet and huge data and knowledge on it.They also learn online which save time and money rather.

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