Impacts of Media Violence Essay

Impacts of Media Violence


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Impacts of Media Violence Essay
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Recent fine-tunes in the electronic industry, which ranges from high resolution graphics video games, interactive and well specialized TV sessions, broadband internet connections, hi-tech GSM phones  and lots more have no doubt created a wide range of entertainment opportunities for families and individuals - Impacts of Media Violence Essay introduction. On the other hand, the advent of these entertainment tools has exposed children as well as teenagers unfavorable bouts of immoral, aggressive and violent imagery. Though some entertainment media have made frantic efforts to put up some devices that will enable some sort of parental control over the access of these images, this has not yielded much results, rather it seem to have worsened the situation. For instance, cartoons are basically meant for children and teenagers as well, but some cartoons nowadays have some vicious contents unknown to parents who allow their children to watch them. These innocent parents believe that since the cartoons are basically for children, there is no need for parental assessment of is contents, so they go about their normal business, while their offspring get morally degenerated by these unscrupulous media senses. The result today is increased violence among the children and youths, which include aggressive behaviors practiced in schools in most cases. Hence, endangering the peace needed for effective learning.

Impacts of TV and Music Videos

Television pictures showing all sorts of violence are widespread in today’s broadcasting business. A quick investigation of this fact will be to go straight away and search channels in your for movies or the so called thriller movies. Your findings will not be any different from mine. In many countries, there is an average of five to ten aggressive acts per hour of television (UNESCO). Thus, the frequency of this imagery is overwhelming and unfortunately readily available for children and youths to watch. Television movies are not the only shows that portray violence. These movies are also contained in video storages that can be easily purchased along the streets, supermarkets and so on. These most common of these are music videos. A bulk of music entertainers, who are young people themselves, now deem it fashionable to include some sort of street and societal violence in there production. Unfortunately, many other young people are the fans of these entertainers and thus see them as role models.

Impact of Video Games and the Internet

Video games are one of the most recent as well as popular sources of media based violence. There availability is also outstanding as thy can be accessed over the internet as well. Video games tend to give the users a sort practical avenue to carryout a lot violent acts. One of such game is “Quake”. Users of this game are encouraged to keep on killing to score points or gain access to more deadly automatic weapons. These facts suggest that the video games industry should be made vulnerable stringent scrutiny considering the huge negative impacts it ahs on its users. Researchers haven given countless evidences regarding the huge damage resulting from playing various types of video games. Ironically, this has not stopped the production of even more violent episodes, even as some researchers stress its proven capability of increasing negative cognitions and behaviors (Anderson & Bushman, 2001).


UNESCO’s global media violence survey –

Anderson, C. A., & Bushman, B. J. (2002). The effects of media violence on society. Science, 295, 2377–2379.


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