Impacts of Terrorism in America

Impacts of Terrorism in America

            Terrorism is known as one of the most significant social problems of the government, more specifically with that of the global or international society. Thus, it is seen that such acts of terrors is measured to be one of the major and global issues that is in need of appropriate attention to accordingly resolve the problem which has direct negative threat and implication for the people. Likewise, the acts of terrorism are seen to be in the existence in both ancient and contemporary days of human civilization. Back in the early days, record of the times gone by clearly states that the early acts of terrorism is seen to be in the forms of piracy and barbary that entails the identical goal which is to threaten and oppress the present government together with the public of early civilisation (Jewett).

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            Moreover, it can be said that the United States of America is one of the major countries that have been to various detrimental assaults that is done by present-day terrorists. Hence, it is seen to be evident that such acts of terrorism are considered to have done more devastating effects in the entire American nation, which involves major killings and harm to their people as well as in the whole American society.

            For the last fifty years, the entire United States have experienced terrorist assaults that commonly entails violence and social disturbance, which involves harm and death of civilians. As such, it is evident that terrorist attacks such as the September 11, 2001 World trade Center terror attack and the Pentagon assault are seen to be of the most prominent and the same time the most devastating terror attacks that have thumped the United States (“Terrorist Attacks,” n.d.). In addition to this, there have also been isolated reports of terror bombing as an act of terrorism in different states in the country, which includes the bombings of the United States embassy from different countries abroad (“Terrorist Attacks,” n.d.).

            Certainly, such terrorist attacks in the United States that are listed above are seen to have greater impacts in the country. For instance, the 911 WTC Terrorist Attack is seen to have created huge uncertainties in the economy wherein there have been various business industries that have experienced difficulties financially. Thus, the airlines and the hospitality industry in the United States have experienced corporate crisis wherein the number of tourist visits in the country have immediately dropped down.

As such, the 911 terrorist attacks have also perpetuated scare and anxiety in the society such that people are scared of being into high-rise buildings and travelling through the air. In addition to this, such bombings in the country and in the US embassies abroad have also produced negative impacts politically that the US government have implemented misguided decisions with regard to the war against terrorism. Likewise, it can be said that the lost of trust and hope in the US federal government and the national security system are seen to be a component of social and political impacts of the terrorist attacks in the entire American nation.

Moreover, it is also seen that such terrorists’ attacks that have occurred in the entire American society have generated negative perception among the Americans with regard to other culture, race and people, more especially with that of the Muslim and Arab individuals that are living in the US. Thus, it can be said that Americans have become prejudicial and discriminatory against these people mainly due to the occurrence of such adverse assaults done by the terrorists. For instance, the Muslims living in the United States are commonly associated or assumed by the local Americans as terrorists and a member of bandits that have disturbed their country.

            In the end, it is evident that the war and issue of terrorism, more specifically in the United States, is seen to be one of the major problems of the society that has to be resolved and to be addressed carefully as these entails devastating impacts in the community and in the people.

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