Importance of Communication for Chartered Accountants Essay

Communication is empowered in the era of Information and Technology. Today’s professionals are required not only to sharpen their communication skills but also Internet Skills.

The traditional offices have been replaced by virtual offices or broadly speaking professionals are expected to perform their official assignments by remaining on-line 24X7 bases. The world of internet has thus revolutionized the information gathering process and opened ample opportunities for CA professionals. The advancement in the Information and Technology has given birth to integration of Communication strategies.Hence, integrated communications is becoming the buzzword.

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Importance of Communication for Chartered Accountants
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As the generation next of CA Professionals, our students should remain acquainted and well versed in the use of Internet enabled services. Now a days, Web conferencing is used to conduct live meetings, training, or presentations via the Internet. Similarly, old fashioned seminars are making rooms for Webinars. Webinar is a type of web-based seminar, a presentation, lecture, workshop or seminar that is transmitted over the Internet.

Webinars are gaining momentum due to their interactive elements. Not nly this, our Institute has also come up with Live Virtual Classes to bridge the gap between you and the Institute. It has given a life time opportunity to interact and communicate with the panel of experts in order to quench the thirst of knowledge. The modern CAs are supposed to attend and conduct meetings with their prospective clients by using these latest technologies.

E-mail etiquettes are also main area of concern as it has been observed that majority of students lack professional approach while exchanging information through this communication facility.They need to be very particular and meticulous in drafting and sending their messages via emails. Students need to understand the dynamics of e-mailing as it may make or break their business relationship. The latest developments in return of taxes in form of e-filing and other on-line transactions are the indications of significant changes in the realm of accounting profession.

Guidelines to Exchange Information Using IT Enabled Technologies Keep an eye on the style of your language while drafting and sending a message. Don’t be so technical/ornamental in drafting a message.Remember communication is generally meant to express not to impress. So be simple but effective in your expressions.

The main object of Communication in the Internet Era for CA Students Dr. Naveen K Mehta any communication is to develop proper understanding and receive feedback on time. Check spellings/sentence constructions before sending a message while using email/outlook express. You can take the help of any authentic language/grammar software in this context.

Focus on your non-verbal expressions during a webinar/ tele-conference. If you are facing an interview through voice mail/ ell phone, keep the factor of voice modulation/ pitch/rising-falling tone/volume/pauses/speed etc. Speak with confidence and present your thoughts in a systematic manner. Be precise, complete and accurate in the delivery of your content.

Follow KISS strategy that means Keep It Short and Simple. Keep yourself updated and acquainted with the latest available technologies and gadgets so that while using them you do not get stuck with the technical clutches. Be professional and proficient in their usages. Beware of computer viruses and apply anti-virus tools that have reliability and validity to tackle he viruses.

Do not disclose your password to anyone and especially remain careful while using it in public/ common places. Adopt due safety measures to protect it from software hackers. While making a public/corporate presentation, be careful in preparing PowerPoint slides. Use proper fonts, graphs, tables, columns and diagrams to discuss the core issue(s) of the presentation.

But use these items when they are really required. Unnecessary use of these items may mar the effectiveness of a good presentation. Do not infuse lots of information on a single slide as it may reate problems in understanding and difficulties in reading. All these points are very important to derive optimum benefit from the available resources of IT enabled technologies.

There is no doubt that all these modern tools of technologies have enabled the CA professionals to meet the challenges of the contemporary world with success, but at the same time being an accounting professional, it is expected from you that you should use these tools judiciously and proficiently. Really speaking, this is a testing time for CA professionals to prove their mettle in communication skills coupled with IT-skills.

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