Importance of Digital Technology

The digital technology is very important for us. We use it every day. It has many benefits. First is education. The use of digital technology teaching has made learning more interesting. For example we use the internet for education. The internet can present the information more interesting than book. The teacher can upload assignment or the lesson on website. This makes the information more easily approachable and furnished for better ways of sharing.

Next, we use the digital technology for communication as chat on Facebook, send E-mail and call Face time. The digital technology has opened its way through our hearts, let us to communicate with people who we love; moreover, we also use the digital technology for business. We use it for SME (Small and Medium Enterprise) or e-Business. The last, we use the digital technology for entertainment. For example almost every household owns a television or a radio now. They offer us entertainment in our homes while we relax.

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