Importance Of English Language Essay

You know english is a language.It is on International language.Today we must learn in english lanuage.If you go to the boutiqus,market,town,area,country side,shop etc.All this place use this engilsh.So we want in english.We cant live without in english.Today in english teach as a subject every school.So this english is very important for us.Today many people speacilly country side,think this english lsnguage is very difficult.

We cant english.So dont think like this.All of us can learn in english following seutence is very suitable this
”try and try one
day you can fly”So we must try to learn in english language.If you learn in english language very well.You can find a job very soon.Today every industries use in english speacially.If you live the towe area you must know english.Town area people speak in english not sinhala.This country.But today.Here people speak in english.If is reason many countries use one language.If english.So this situation All of us must know this language.Then we can spend our life very well.If the future whole wold use english language for all activity.A person who knows english well can communicate with foreigners english.There by he can learn more about foreign countries too and you can foreign country.If we know english it will be eaciear for us to get friendly with people and get their assitence.English is also interseting subject.So more students and people are learning english now becouse they have realised the value of english.English is a lastly very easy language.

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Importance Of English Language
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