Importance of High School Education

Education is the best provision for life’s journey. ” A college education, an important opportunity where individuals learn and experience new things that help them grow in many aspects of life such as socially, physically, mentally, etc. Along with these, obtaining an accredited college degree is a very important opportunity for me due to many another reasons as well. With that being said the most important in my situation – family, dreams and self-confidence. My family has always supported me in everything I do and the choices I make.

They have supported everything from deciding what to wear or cook all the way to deciding to go back to school to obtain a degree in human resource administration. Their opinions of who I am and what I conquer in life mean the world to me. Going back to school will entitle me to make a good living and be able to provide and support my family the way that would suit me and to show them how much their support meaner to me. In addition to being able to ensure that I have a well paying bob in an economy that the unemployment rates continue to rise. The only way to do this and succeed in life is to further my education by obtaining a college degree.

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According to the Bureau of Labor statistics, in 2009 the unemployment rate was more than twice as high for persons without a high school diploma than for persons with a college degree (Gallbladder, 2001 , parka). Not having to worry or stress over finding a job, or being one of the first to go within a company that may have to downsize their numbers of employees for whatever reason also another addition to this factor. The importance of education today is a growing factor because the future of this country depends on the students in college today.

People that attend college are the individuals that want to make education a significant importance in their life, obtain a successful career, and live a happy life (Hardin, 2007, parka). Along with these reasons, the fact that my family can be proud of me remains the first and most important. Ever since being a small child, I have not been sure of exactly what the future held or what to pursue in life. Dreams of being someone important in the career field, earring black and Ana suit dresses and heels, having an office with my name on the door and being the woman everyone shocked when she walked through the door.

Throughout high school I bombarded myself with medical classes thinking the medical field was what I wanted to be a part of because it meant I could help people. Little did I know what those Jobs actually consisted of and what the Job duties would be that those Jobs required. I made it to the clinical part of med pro and got to have a feeling for what being a nurse would be like. The class spent most of the time at he local nursing home and there is where I found out that nursing was something that I definitely did not want to spend the rest of my life pursuing.

After changing my mind millions of times I was still undecided of what to do. Then it happened, a friend AT mine retread me to Consort n college Ana Wendell looking tongue ten lasts AT ten many programs offered I stumbled onto the human resource program and it hit me like a ton of bricks that was my dream Job! Getting a human resource administration degree where I can advance at my own pace, continue to work a full time Job and eventually have the Job of my dreams. I made my mind up right then and enrolled, I do believe it was the best decision of my life so far.

Enrolling in school and pursuing my dreams is one of the best ways to raise my self-confidence or esteem. Self-esteem, the way you perceive yourself and how you feel about your abilities and accomplishments. Having a healthy self-esteem meaner that you have an accurate understanding of what your strengths, weaknesses, faults and abilities are. It meaner that you are confident in yourself and are able to deal with new situations in positive ways. It plays a huge role in how we view ourselves and can alp you grow and develop emotionally and intellectually (How Going Back to School Online, 2012, parka).

I have never had a problem with depression or low self-esteem but have always thought you could never have too much self-esteem or will power within’ yourself. I have accomplished many things throughout my life such as good grades throughout grade school up to graduation, helped people, taught children, etc. And am very proud of each and every single one. Something as important as going back to school and pursuing my dream Job will only boost it even higher. Self- aspect is a part of having self-esteem and I know following my heart and dreams will pay off big for me in the future.

Some people may think that a college education does not help you get anywhere in life or help in anyway. Some may think they can get high paying Jobs with high school education rather than a college degree. Ask yourself what your future holds and where you would like to be in 5-10 years. Within’ the economy in which we live obtaining a college degree can be described in one word – essential! I am very proud of myself for making the decision to further my education and shoot for my dreams s well as bettering my self-confidence, my family and our way of life.

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