Importance of Negotiation Skills

Throughout this assignment I will be discussing the importance of the skill of Negotiation - Importance of Negotiation Skills introduction. Negotiation is used frequently in everyday situations and I am going to use the example of using negotiation in groups, which I have experienced firsthand, for the given assignment. Negotiation is very important for people and individuals to work out disputes and everyday situations. ‘Negotiation is not only common but also essential to living an effective and satisfying life. We all need things – resources, information, cooperation and support from others. Others have those needs as well, sometimes compatible with ours, sometimes not’. (Lewicki et al. 2003) therefore without the skill of negotiation people would never be able to work out their differences; therefore there would never be any cooperation or cohesiveness between people, companies or even countries. For a group to work effectively together it is important “…for members to share their individual knowledge with the group, and for the group as a collective unit to evaluate and use effectively its members informational resources” (Propp, 1999:225, chpt in Frey et al 1999) but groups don’t always work effectively or cooperatively. This is due to factors such as social loafing and individuals being too independent.

Drawing on my own experience, the skill of negotiation was extremely important for the groups to work effectively together. Without negotiation members would have become annoyed and frustrated with the lack of effort from certain individuals, therefore there would be no cooperation within the group. I acted as the negotiator within the group and we then as a group decided to give each other individual tasks and assignments and in doing so we cut out social loafing and members becoming too independent and in doing so the group worked more effectively together.

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Importance of Negotiation Skills
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By doing this I also Stood up for my own position, as I wasn’t willing to let others benefit from the groups effort without benefiting myself, yet I also showed concern for the interests and needs of the other individuals as I didn’t allow only certain individuals to do all the work. The beginning phases of the group meetings the concession rate of negotiation was highest, this was due to people not knowing each other and also due to the fact no one yet being assigned individual tasks. Therefore the skill of negotiation is very important when working in groups as it helps individuals to work out disputes and cooperate more effectively.

Also without the essential skill of negotiation members of any groups would not be able to live effective and satisfying lives. We had to negotiate as a group as to what task each individual would be assigned. As our group assignment dealt with both creative and writing, I went in with a plan and prepared myself for what I was wanted to do and what I was willing to accept. I went in with a plan that I wanted to the creative part of the assignment, but I knew as part of a group there would be other members who would also want to do the creative part of the group assignment.

I therefore prepared myself of what I was willing to accept. As I anticipated there were other members of the groups who wanted to do the creative part of the assignment. Therefore the skill of negotiation again continued. There were many steps in this process as each individual had to explore and bargain with each other so that they could benefit from the outcome, but this was not easy as the feelings of others had to be taken into consideration.

There were more creative members who had better ideas for the creative side of the assignment so I therefore automatically had a position loss and abandoned the idea of doing the main creative part for the given assignment. I therefore had a new target point of what I realistically hoped to achieve; assisting in the creativeness of the assignment. I gave myself a new target point as I knew by accepting other members of the group would be better at the main creative part of the assignment, would benefit the group more and in turn benefit me more.

I learned from previous encounters of negotiation that my image was vital for me to successfully negotiate what I wanted to gain, as in previous encounters my continuous image loss created an impression of weakness and I therefore had to abandon my target point. Although I gave myself a new target point in terms of not doing the main part of the creative side I wasn’t willing to move my target away from anything creative at all, therefore my resistance point was doing a smaller task for the creative side of the assignment.

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