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Importance of Team Management

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Importance of Team Management The term team management has been borrowed from the sports terminology, where all members of a team, work together to achieve a common goal. All members of the team are of equal importance and work individually and cooperatively to finish assigned tasks. In this kind of team problems are shared, as well as successes. On the other hand failures are not blamed on an individual but are carefully analyzed to explain reasons for mistakes or failure.

Successful managers nowadays have recognized the importance of team management, that’s why they are increasingly turning their energies to team building to regain the competitive edge.

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Importance of Team Management
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When working in a group, the performance of the group members is enhanced to a great extent because they will get support from two sources, from the manager responsible for the work group and from other group members. As soon as the team is formed, the manager should focus the employees efforts and help to ensure their commitment through involvement, creativity and mutual support.

Team involvement increases employees’ satisfaction, acceptance of change, and facilitates creative problems solving. When a manager fulfills his role as leader, adviser, administrator and coach, subordinates become able to perform their job responsibilities effectively. Goals and expectations of the organizations should also be expressed clearly so that the employees behave in ways consistent with preferred behaviors. If a manager fails to bring together the right resources, equipment and people, then he cannot expect subordinates to perform at peak levels.

As a result, managers who do not coach, encourage and advise are likely to limit the growth and development of their staff. Importance of Communication Communication can be defined as the process of transmitting information, ideas, feelings, opinions as well as plans among various elements of an organization. Communication is the ‘lifeblood’ of all organizations. It is essential to have human relations. Managers cannot run their organizations without effective communication with the team. Most of the management issues arise due to lack of effective communication. Using proper and good communication inimizes the chances regarding misunderstanding and misrepresentation. Communication could be either oral or written. When using oral communication, listeners can make out exactly what speakers are trying to point out. It also allows them the chance to respond and provide feedback evidence that the message received has been understood. On the other hand, written communication must be clear, purposeful and concise with correct words, to avoid any misunderstanding of the message. Written communications provide a permanent report for potential use and gives a chance to team members to put up their own written comments or suggestions.

It is through communication that employees are informed about tasks they are supposed to do and ways to improve their performance and bring them up to expectations. It also serves as a source or information for the organizational members to help during decision making processes. In addition, communication has an important role in altering employees’ attitudes in the sense that a well-informed employee will have better attitude than a less-informed employee. The importance of communication appears mostly in assisting the controlling process in an organization.

It helps in controlling the employees’ behavior in different ways. Different organizations have various levels of hierarchy and certain principles and guidelines that employees must follow. They must comply with organizational policies, perform their job role efficiently and communicate any work problem and grievance to their superiors. The success of any organization can be measured according to the level of communication maintained by it. In the new context of globalization and free trade, organizations have to communicate on a national and international level.

The image of an organization depends on its ability to communicate with, the society around it. Good communication promotes better understanding between the employer and the employee. Thus, communication skills help in establishing, running, producing and marketing of products by commercial establishments. http://www. articlesbase. com/college-and-university-articles/importance-of-team-management-4087869. html http://www. jeffcobizjournal. com/the-importance-of-a-good-organization-and-management-team. php http://communicationtheory. org/importance-of-communication-to-organisations-o

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