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Impounded Fathers

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While the INS – Immigration and Naturalization Services in collaboration with the Department of Homeland Security have a duty to perfom, the system has many flaws. The essay, “Impounded Fathers”, by Edwidge Danticat, brings to light some of the unfair circumstances caused by these organizations.

It speaks about the immigration system in the United States of America and the adverse effects that it has had on millions of lives. Edwidge shared her personal experience with the system, as well as the experiences of other immgrants who were and are still being impactedby by these organizations.

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Impounded Fathers
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She spoke about the injustices dealt to persons of foreign origin and their American born children. These children who get caught in the middle are often refered to as casualties of the Department of Homeland Security immigration crackdown. Crackdowns in which lives are torn apart and family ripped to threads without thought of how they will ever put the pieces back to gether. In most cases, these changes are permanent and people lose their loved ones forever.

This is eveident as Edwidge went to great length to document various situations that persons have encountered and the sometimes drastic effects these experiences have had on the families involved. These effects include torn families, imprisonment and deportation. Fathers having to work double jobs to support two families after the mother is departed to her country of origin. The most heart wrenching situation of all being children taken from their parents and placed in foster homes. Parents having no clue whether or not their children are safe or being loved and cared for.

These are some of the prices immigrants pay for entering this beautiful country called the “land of opportunity. ” In general, homeland security is all about keeping the United States a safe place. This involves passing laws and writing new policy, fighting crime, and preventing terrorism, among other things. Homeland security is about protecting the freedoms afforded in the United States. While ensuring citizens are safe; the department also deals with: Immigration and Border Security Cybersecurity Counterterrorism

Disaster Response and Recovery Within each of these area, there are even more specialized areas within homeland security. Whatever personal opinions one might have on topics like international relationships and immigration, one cannot deny that the United States has enemies. In order to keep Americans safe, policies and systems have to be in place to stop attacks and prevent the county’s resources from being overwhelmed. Today’s policies and systems are set in place to avoid events like 9/11 and to better prepare for natural isasters like Katrina to save lives and avoid damage. The role of homeland security is constantly evolving to keep up with the needs of the country.

Whilst the essay, “Impounded Fathers” focused on the horrific impact of current immigration reform on innocent immigrant parents and their American-born children; in order to ensure the safety of the nation at large, the department have a duty to perform. These includes getting rid of illegal residents. Unfortunately, many women and men who have no criminal records have found themselves in its cross hairs.

More than 18,000 people have been deported since the operation began. The goals of the operation, were to increase the enforcement of immigration laws in the workplace and to catch and deport illeagal residents and criminals. Danticat notes that a bill was introduced by Representative José E. Serrano, a Democrat from New York, This bill would allow immigration judges to take into consideration the fates of American-born children while reviewing their parents’ cases. In my opinion, regardless of the motive, the children are the ones being punished.

The loss of one or both parents to strangers who flash badges and offer no explanations must be terrifying. The years spent wondering why a parent has disappeared and whether or not he or she will return is a devastating sentence thousands of American-born children are now forced to serve. It is observed that decisions made by parents can have profound effects upon their children. Being a parent and an immigrant, this situation hits close to home and I feel such a soft spot for these children and their parents.

To me, nothing can justify tearing a family apart and I have a hard time with this whole issue. As for the bill introduced by Representative José E. Serrano we are all still looking and listening as “The bill has gone nowhere,” Danticat wrote “while more and more American-citizen children continue to either lose their parents or their country. How will these children view the laws of the land, when they grow up and understand the situation behind their pain and suffering?

Some of them will turn out fine, but what about the ones who fall through the cracks and are mistreated and abused? Will they undrrstand or will thery find someone to blame for their misfortune? Will they retalaite, or will they strive to become good upstanding citizens? There’s a lot to consider. The end does not always justfies the means. There are law abiding immigrants who find themselves in these dastardly situations and I believe that special consideration should be given especially when children are involved.

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