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Inception Movie Review Essay

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Inception is a mind blowing experience directed by Christopher Nolan, who has already had success in the past with films such as the dark knight. The film is about a special team of spies who are very skilled extractors that go into the subconscious of their targets in order to get information for business corporations. This time it’s different as they must plant an idea inside the targets subconscious rather than extracting it. The job is set into motion when Maurice fisher dies and his son accompanies his father’s body from Sydney to Los Angeles.

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During the flight Dom Cobb slips a special sleeping pill into his drink that allows him and the team to go into a three level dream which will give them enough time to perform the very difficult task of inception. At each stage, the member of the team who is “creating” the dream remains while the other team members fall asleep within the dream to travel further down into Fischer’s subconscious.

The dreamers then receive synchronized “kicks” which will wake them up to reality. Metaphysics is clearly in this film as there are many examples of it everywhere in the film.

Having this film being about dreams it is hard to know what is real and what is fake and what’s just an image of the imagination. A common metaphysics question is what is there? So this goes perfectly with inception as there are times where Dom Cobb projects his wife mal into the dream and she attempts to sabotage the plans. At the final level of the dream Robert Fischer is being lead to a safe but it sabotaged by Cobb’s projection of mal who shoots him dead. Cobb and Ariadne then go to limbo in order to find Fischer and complete inception.

In limbo Cobb finally confronts his projection of mal as she tries to get him to stay with her and the kids in limbo. Cobb refuses to stay and reveals his secret that he first attempted inception on mal which convinced her that her reality was the dream world and when they went back to the real world, mal committed suicide thinking she was dreaming. Eames then defibrillates Fischer and brings him back into the third level of the dream and he accepts the idea to split his father’s empire.

At the end Cobb is not wanted anymore as Saito completed his part of the deal and let Dom Cobb go a free man. Cobb believes he’s back in the real world Just as in Total Recall, it doesn’t really matter if it’s a dream, because at this point, it’s likely to be all but a permanent dream anyways, and a person’s perception of things is what makes them real what’s really most important is that Cobb has finally let Mal go, and is, at least for the most part, at peace with himself.

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