Income Elasticity of Demand Essay

Income elasticity of demand may be defined as the ratio or proportionate change in the quantity demanded of a commodity to a given proportionate change in the income.

In short, it indicates the extent to which demand changes with a variation in consumer’s income. Practical application of income elasticity of demand 1. Helps in determining the rate of growth of the firm. If the growth rate of the economy and income growth of the people is reasonably forecasted, in that case it is possible to predict expected increase in the sales of a firm and vice-versa.

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Income Elasticity of Demand
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Helps in the demand forecasting of a firm. It can be used in estimating future demand provided the rate of increase in income and Ey for the products are known. Thus, it helps in demand forecasting activities of a firm. 3.

Helps in production planning and marketing The knowledge of Ey is essential for production planning, formulating marketing strategy, deciding advertising expenditure and nature of distribution channel etc in the long run.

4.Helps in ensuring stability in production Proper estimation of different degrees of income elasticity of demand for different types of products helps in avoiding over-production or under production of a firm. One should also know whether rise or fall in income is permanent or temporary.

5. Helps in estimating construction of houses The rate of growth in incomes of the people also helps in housing programs in a country. Thus, it helps a lot in managerial decisions of a firm.

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