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Increased Traffic on Campus



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There has been increased student enrolment at CSN which has caused parking problems and increased accidents on campus.  This increased traffic is a sign of prosperity, but as with any growth, does come with challenges.


The increased traffic has a ripple effect throughout campus.  Valuable time is being wasted in looking for parking spots, which causes students to be late or to miss class.

This in turn impacts the students grades and leads to even more frustration to the student.


A possible solution will involve several steps to ultimately resolve this problem.  A long term solution is to close off one of the larger parking lots and develop a parking garage on this site.  A garage would allow for 500 cars to be 100 current spaces.


Short term and immediate relief of the problem is to take the following five steps. Obtain off campus parking spaces and create a shuttle service from these spaces to the class buildings.  Similar to what some larger airports use for passengers.  Assign student car pool spaces.  This would allow students to form three or more person car pools.  The car would be given an assigned space in a car pool parking lot .  These spaces would allow 300 or more students access to campus while only using 100 spaces.  Increase more weekend and evening classes.  This would shift peak traffic volume on campus to off peak times.  Designate remaining parking spaces as paid only spaces.  Limit access to campus to only those cars that are assigned a car pool space, assigned a paid space, faculty, or off peak parking for off peak classes.


Approaching the challenge from multiple initiatives will provide the short term and long term solutions needed.  This will decrease the level of missed classes and the amount of accidents on campus.

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