India of My Dreams

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A Vision

Every citizen in an economically backward and poor country dreams of witnessing the development of their nation, free from negative systems, ideas, or beliefs. It is also my aspiration to witness India emerge as one of the most developed nations. By setting 2020 as a deadline, we have a tangible goal for achieving a developed India. Witnessing someone begging on the streets or encountering dirty and broken roads in shabby slums always evokes sadness. Moreover, hearing about the United States progressing in every field can often trigger feelings of jealousy.

India’s vision for 2020 involves reaching the same level as America currently is. One of the key aspects of this vision is achieving a 100 percent literacy rate, meaning every individual in the country will be able to read, write, and understand at least one language. This includes farmers and those living in slums. Additionally, India aims to eradicate unemployment by providing all citizens with means to support themselves. The goal is to eliminate individuals referred to as ‘beggars’, even offering employment opportunities such as working as sweepers with a modest salary.

The aspiration is for India to overcome poverty by 2020, a dream shared by every citizen in an economically disadvantaged country. The aim is to see the nation progress without negative systems, ideas, or beliefs. I also have this dream and desire India to become one of the most developed nations. Meeting this goal within the timeframe of 2020 is achievable. It is unfortunate to witness people begging on the streets or encountering deteriorated roads in impoverished slums.

Jealousy arises when we hear of the United States excelling in all areas, but India aims to reach a comparable level by 2020. The main objective for India in 2020 is achieving a 100 percent literacy rate, ensuring that every individual in the nation, including farmers and slum-dwellers, possesses the ability to read, write, and comprehend at least one language. Additionally, unemployment will be eliminated as every person will have opportunities to earn a livelihood and eradicate the existence of individuals referred to as ‘beggars’.

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