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Indian Bpo Industry Features, Challenges & Remedies Essays

BPO Industry: Features, Challenges & Remedies | | | | |Call centers are facilities that are specifically set up to manage telephone calls from customers. They are intended to provide orderly cost | |efficient telephone-based services.

They serve as the primary telephone interface with customers for specific services provided by the agencies | |Call Centers are required for large companies to sell their products to the customers, proposing a product or service as well as for the after-sale enquiries made by| |the customers. Call centers in India are at its peak today. Customized solution through customer interactive programs in the success mantra of numerous corporate | |firms nowadays.

For the strategic business development - that requires acquired skills for customer queries, solutions etc. , Indian call-centers are at par with the | |current marketing demands. Call centers not only handle the task of interacting with customers but also provide a wider base for official tasks of inventories, bill | |handling, web-solutions and various other business requirement proceedings. This article attempts to identify the features of this booming industry & the obstacles | |associated with it. It also suggests solutions to overcome them. |----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | | | |Introduction: - Call centers in India is prospering upon the upscale rise amongst the entrepreneurs who are trying to allure their customers through inbound and | |outbound calling facility. This concept raving in US have enabled many offshore call centers establishments, in India.

The quality of English is at par with the | |international standards. Indians are technically literate and comfortable with new technologies arising in the industry. | |Indian call centers work round the clock and provide 24-hour support for the customers of these US based clients. From the concept of being just a voice based medium| |of customer support, today call centers are referred to as 'Contact Centers' which are capable of handling customer queries over phone or the online medium. |Qualified professional talent with fluency in English and a neutral accent with the ability to shift to different accents have made India, a preferred destination | |for offshore clients. | |(I)    Achievements & expectations | |Call center industry in India is projected at $142 billion by the year 2008 as per NASSCOM. With its built-in potency, India is advertised as the hot destination for| |'offshore outsourcing hub'. The booming Indian call center industry is the benchmark of the changing global trend. |Reducing cost for business proceeding is the prime focus of the corporate houses. They realized that shifting their call-center operations to India would heavily cut| |down their costs. Business settlement laws were reviewed and it was easier for alien firms to settle in the Indian soils. The country produces technically sound work| |force with high standards of English. | |The call center industry estimated to grow into $301 billion industry by 2010 is a sheer pleasure for the aspiring workforce in India.

Call centers in India has also| |effectively developed a niche in the areas of data verification, data capture, tele research, service follow-ups and renewing subscriptions, which becomes the core | |outbound activities of a call center. Unless there is talented enough manpower to handle such queries, no business organization will make a move. Thus India have | |taken a leap step in call center industry, which in recent have been the home more developed nations like Australia, New Zealand, and European nation. | | |(II) Customer benefits of the call centers    | | | |* A positive experience from operators  | |* Accurate and appropriate responses  | |* High level of customer satisfaction  | |* Improved efficiency

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