Indian democracy at crossroad Essay

Despite being world’s largest democracy, Indian democracy is dwindling in the direction of instability and a ‘crisis of governability’ - Indian democracy at crossroad Essay introduction. The erosion in political order, gradual decline in value system and a widening social and economic gap have brought the Indian Political System to a crossroads where our people contribution is required to drive Indian democracy on right track to build an effective instrument for governing ourselves.

Our forefathers has very carefully architecture a constitution to secure justice, liberty, equality, fraternity and to maintain the unity and integrity of the Nation to all its citizen by the means of SOVEREIGN SOCIALIST SECULAR DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC . Democratic institutions have taken deep roots and our people have also maintained it but paradox reflects that the process of democratization values and faiths is lacking. As a result, self interest and particularistic perspective is prevailing in society which further hollowing the structure of democratic institutions and weakening the faith in constitution.

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Indian democracy at crossroad
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Democracy gets rooted when its plantation proceeds from social to economic and then to political democracy but in India political democracy evolved earlier. This delayed the other two variants to have safe germination and growth which defeated the purpose of choosing democracy. Democracy is not achieved merely on the provision of universal franchise but its true spirit come to light when it is established through equality and social justice in Society.

Communist emphasized socialistic state but there is only one party and no as such importance is given to freedom to form parties, resulted into dictatorship. Democracy is favored over communism as it successfully encompassed public opinion and provides space for the recognition, inclusion and accommodation of spatial and social diversity. Political parties encompasses this horizon as without them representative character of democracy is unimaginable but wicked political aspirations and sentiments devours socialistic democratization for their pity means .parties are using illegitimate means to secure their seats and enter into the decision making forums and policy formulation bodies. This Criminalization of Indian political party reflects that internal democracy is missing and unfortunately degrading the current state of democracy.

Felix Frankfurter wrote, in a democracy “no office in the land is more important than that of being a CITIZEN. Establishment of democracy is not only the responsibility of political parties or government but it is also a duty for every individual to recognize and EXERCISES THEIR conscience for strengthening democracy pillar. So that fruits of prosperity reached every doorsteps AND EVERONE CAN EQUALLY savor the each flavors of democracy. Democracy is not merely a destination but it is lifetime journey for egalitarian society. . It can be achieved and preserved only when every citizen have equality in every sphere of life so everyone can enjoy fruits of prosperity and happiness, living in harmony irrespective of the caste, creed, language ,religion and cultural. Hope that day is not far away when every Indian will understand and say “My country is the world, and my religion is to do well”. “Let’s live for the revolution of democracy” “Let’s rejuvenates the spirit of democracy to enlighten our life”

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