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Indigenous Religion

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Define indigenous religion, and describe at least one aspect of indigenous religions that exists in a similar form in a traditional mainstream religion. The word indigenous means “originated in”, and thus the term “indigenous religion” means “the original religion of a place.” Essentially this term is applied to the group of people of any religion, culture, or area. The indigenous religion is a unique religion associated with the particular group. For example, the native tribes in the United States follow indigenous religious beliefs which are practiced without any interference of outsiders.

Another example is “Shinto” from Japan which is confined only to a particular place and is not practiced anywhere outside of Japan. Thus, all the cultures had been indigenous at one time which has grown slowly and gradually. The aspects of the indigenous religion which have never changed are is the thought of human sacrifice which was necessary to gain the attention, or to get closer to God.

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Indigenous Religion
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In modern Judeo-Christianity, the crucifixion and (alleged) resurrection of Jesus, blood sacrifice was focused in order to create atonement and pay for sins.

Thus, the old and savage act of sacrificing a human in a certain way is alive from the traditional time to current. The term religion is defined differently by different authors and researchers. It refers to the belief in spiritual beings or it is the beliefs and practices that unite several groups of people into a single moral community. It is of great importance for the society because of the variety of reasons. Religion can have great importance for a society for a variety of reasons and depends on the culture and governmental style; it facilitates the controlling process of society. In nations where the government has a large amount of control over the population, religion plays the substantial role. Define religion, and discuss why it is useful in society. Explain why it is important for you personally to understand the beliefs of other religious groups. The contention between religion and science has always been the topic of debate for decades.

The science depends on proper reasoning and empiricism while religious beliefs rely on revelation, faith and sacredness. According to some scholars, science and religion are entirely separate as religion is a fairy tale while science is backed by evidence. Thus, they cannot be united in harmony. According to me, both science and religion can coexist as these are   entirely different things. But the ultimate aim of both is for the betterment of mankind and thus, interconnection may form between science and religion. Moreover, as long as a person possesses separate spiritual beliefs from empirical facts, science and religion can actually coexist as being religious does not imply that it is the conflicting belief with science.

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