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Indirect Measurment of Volume

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The purpose of this lab was to demonstrate an indirect measurement of volume. This was done by determining the volume of a single drop of using a graduated cylinder to measure a known amount of consistent drops, which allows for the individual volume to be determined mathematically. Pipette, mom’ graduated cylinder, water, rubbing alcohol and hand soap. A pipette was used to place consistent drops of liquid into a 10 ml graduated yielder until it was filled to the 10 ml mark.

The level was measured at the meniscus, bottom of the curve, of the liquid and the amount of drops was recorded.

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Indirect Measurment of Volume
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Dividing the volume (10 ml) by the amount of drops yields the volume of a single drop. This procedure was completed three times with three separate liquids; water, water with detergent and rubbing alcohol. Data from the three trials is listed below. The accuracy of the procedure is dependent on consistent drops. Liquid Number of Drops to fill 10 ml Volume of a Single Drop Water 195 0.

128 ml Water with detergent 0. 1996 ml Rubbing Alcohol 526 0. 0190 ml Calculations: total volume / total drops = volume per drop Water: Mimi/195 drops = 0. 5128 ml per drop Water/ detergent: Mimi/501 drops = 0. 1996 ml per drop Water: 1 Mol/526 drops 0. 0190 ml per drop ANALYSIS: The volume of a single drop of three different liquids was determined by indirect measurement. This was done by counting the number of drops of the liquid that it took to fill a 10 ml graduated cylinder.

The overall volume (1 0 ml) could then be divided by total amount of drops of each liquid which yields the volume of a single drop.This lab was successful in demonstrating a method of indirect measurement of volume. The procedure was used to successfully determine the volume of a single drop of three different liquids; water, water with detergent, and rubbing alcohol. A drop of rubbing alcohol was found to have the smallest volume while a drop of water was determined to have the largest volume.

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